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Here is the First Ever Ad for Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” [Video]

Just a few days ago, we have reported here in Jaxov that Windows Phone Mango has finally entered its released to manufacturing (RTM) phase. Mango is a software upgrade that looks to further improve the experience of Windows Phone 7 users as it offers a staggering number of new features. Software giant Microsoft came up with these features by listening to the feedbacks of current Windows Phone 7 users so it is safe to say that the company has got it all covered in terms of the software side. But what about the hardware side? Well it seems that Microsoft has been taking some steps as well as a new Windows Phone 7 ad hits the web.

Windows Phone 7
The ad in question is from a Japanese carrier named called KDDI. This shiny new commercial highlights the main features of Windows Phone 7 such Mobile Office suite, Xbox Live integration, Internet Explorer, Marketplace and so on. Appearing at the end of the ad is a handset that closely resembles (it might as well be) the Fujitsu IS12T which is the first smartphone to be unveiled to run Windows Phone Mango. Check out the new Windows Phone commercial:

As for the quality of the ad itself, it certainly managed to be eye-catching with its slick looking graphics and animations along with an appropriate bubbly electronic music. While it does look shiny enough, it however does not seem enough to pull in viewers into taking an interest towards getting a smartphone that runs Windows Phone 7. And while it does highlight features, it does so rather briefly, like split-seconds brief, so someone who's casually watching won't really have an idea about its features or functionalities. The whole thing works rather like a teaser.
Fujitsu IS12T
It hasn't been a year since the Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 was released. And now the software giant is kicking it into full gear as they are about to release the mobile operating system's major upgrade codenamed Mango, which is also known as Windows 7.5. It was announced by Microsoft back in May and will offer new feature such as multitasking, Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat integration, built-in voice-to-text/text-to-voice function, Microsoft Lync support, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter integration and many more. Windows Phone Mango is scheduled to be release in October.

With Mango, Microsoft is looking to secure its competitive edge in the industry of smartphones. Windows Phone 7 had already received a good deal of positive feedbacks from critics and Mango looks to improve the mobile operating system. [via TheNextWeb]

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