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HELO TC: Get Your Own iPhone Controlled Helicopter for Only $50, Pre-Order Now!

If you have been an iOS device owner for quite some time, then you are probably aware of most of the cool things that you can do with it. Even the most hardcore hobbyist find themselves engaged with iOS devices because of its various functionalities that complements their hobby. Did you know that you can actually use your iPhone as a remote in order to control RC vehicles? With the App Store's expansive app selection and the innovation of 3rd party developers, RC vehicle enthusiasts are given another way to enjoy their hobby. Today we will introduce to you a new iOS powered RC helicopter.

Controlling a remote controlled toy with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch isn't exactly a new technology. Last year an RC helicopter was made available called Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter. It is a remote controlled toy housing some seriously advanced technology and is being controlled using an iOS device. The Parrot AR.Drone is a seriously cool toy that would make any RC geek drool in envy. Unfortunately there is one caveat, such advanced technology doesn't come cheap. The Parrot AR.Drone comes with a $300 price tag which is enough to shun away everyone except hardcore enthusiasts.
HELO TC Side View
Fortunately, famed accessory maker Griffin came into a realization that toys like the Parrot AR.Drone ranks high in the coolness scale. But of course, they are also aware of the major barrier that keeps gadgets like AR.Drone from attracting more customers, the price. So they made a similar product that that falls into the category of being affordable. And the result is the HELO TC which costs $50. First check out this fun advert for the HELO TC:

Compared to the AR.Drone, Griffin obviously have taken several cost-cutting measures in order to bring down the price of HELO TC to $50. As expected, the technology behind the HELO TC won't be as advanced as the one found in the AR.Drone. Instead of utilizing WiFi to fly the toy, the HELO TC comes with a case-like transmitter that clips into your device through the headphone jack. Using a companion app, the transmitter then sends tone from the headphone jack to the IR transmitter which then talks to the chopper.
HELO TC remote control
There are two ways to control the chopper. First, you can use a virtual joystick on your iPhone's multi-touch display to maneuver the toy. Second method is through motion where you can tilt your device accordingly in order to control the chopper. The mandatory app that comes with HELO TC can be used to record and store flight plans which you and your friends can replay anytime.

The HELO TC Touch-Controlled Helicopter is a really cool gadget that has the potential to be fun. Granted that it won't work as well as the expensive AR.Drone in terms of maneuverability but at least you get to enjoy some fun flight action for a mere fraction of the price. If you have $50 to spare, the HELO TC should be a good buy. The product is currently displayed as Out of Stock but if you're sold on this gadget, you can head over to Griffin's website and place your pre-order. No exact release date were given but it was mentioned by a PR person that it will start shipping this holiday season.

Pre-order The HELO TC Touch-Controlled Helicopter for $49.99.
Download HELO TC App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for FREE.

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