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Google’s Photovine App Now Available for Your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, Download Now!

Search engine giant Google sure is quite busy nowadays. We've seen the company launched their own social network, Google+ which is doing quite well lately. Just a few days ago, we have also brought to you the news that Google acquired Motorola to the tune of $12.5 billion which is an effort to supercharge the Android ecosystem. Just last month, we have introduced you to Google's very own photo sharing app called Photovine which is seen by many to directly compete with popular apps such as Instagram. Now after previously being in a beta-only period, the Photovine app is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Photovine App Icon
So a common question to ask is, what is Photovine? Many people compares this app to Instagram but it actually works in a different manner. As mentioned before, Photovine is a photo sharing app for the iOS which as the name implies, puts emphasis on "vines". The app works like a theme based photo sharing game.
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So how does this relate to the concept of "vines"? For example, you take a picture and label it as "things that annoy me." Your friends will then see the picture you've taken and can join in on the fun by taking and uploading a picture based on the title you've created. So in sense, you have started a vine by sharing a photo and setting a theme which will then grow once your friends start adding their own photos based on the theme. And of course, you can also contribute to a vine's growth by joining in on a vine that's started by a friend. Check out the official Photovine video:

The concept is no doubt quite interesting because as opposed to simply sharing a photo in your social circle, Photovine prompts the users into action. With this app, the aspect of photo sharing is rather more guided because of the themes. Photovine definitely has the potential to be fun especially if you have friends who are shutter happy.
Photovine App for iOS
So how does the Photovine app fare in terms of aesthetics and user interface? One look at Photovine and you'll never think that it is a Google product which are usually more minimalistic in design. It is safe to say that Photovine is one of the most well-designed photo sharing app that's available in the App Store. It's slick looking, snappy and has an intuitive user interface.

But despite these positive points, this does not guarantee that the app will be a runaway success. While the concept of Photovine is indeed interesting, just how long until people gets tired of it? Hopefully Google will be able to keep things fresh and maintain interest beyond the bounds of novelty. Oddly enough, there is no sign that the app will be made available for Android or if it will be integrated into Google+, although it seems to be the next logical step for Google.

As of now, the Photovine app is not yet available worldwide although it has been confirmed available in the US and UK App Stores.

Download Photovine App from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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