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GLMPS: This App Adds a Touch of Motion to Your Captured Photos

Those who love taking photos with their iPhones are certainly spoiled as the iTunes App Store is flooded with photography apps. While the photo sharing section of the App Store is certainly populated and popular, not many of them can be called as groundbreaking or unique. Fortunately there's a newly released app that looks to change that. The name of the app is GLMPS (pronounced as glimpse). So what makes this particular photography app special? Read on.

GLMPS is like your basic photography app but with a pretty cool twist. Basically what the app does is integrate video with the traditional image capturing. This way the last 5 seconds before the photo was snapped will be captured in video form. This is pretty much like pressing play on your photos. When viewing a photo, a small moving thumbnail will appear at the lower right corner which is actually the last seconds that lead to the shot. The idea has been implemented before by Sony but the feature is only limited to a particular camera. The only problem is, the camera itself costs quite a lot so the idea never really took off.

From GLMPS App Store page:

GLMPS is a magical way to share life.

A video clip is automatically captured with every picture you take – the result is a creatively packaged glimpse of the moment that can be shared with friends & family in real-time.

Lovingly designed and built by people who believe it should be simple to share moments that matter.

GLMPS Screenshot
Once you have taken a photo, the photo-video is then loaded into the iPhone's photo library and from there you can share them via various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and so on. You can also send them through email and SMS. According to the GLMPS team, there are plans to allow users to create multiple glmpses and turn them into a collection which can be uploaded to YouTube. More publishing sources are also to be added with future updates.
GLMPS Screenshot 2
While this is certainly a cool idea for a photography app, there are some glaring drawbacks that may be a big deal for some users. First is the quality of the glmpses. The team are fully aware that users will be using cellular connection to upload their photo-video, so this must have been why the quality is low-res and heavily compressed. It also turns out that the image part of the glmpse is taken using the iPhone's video camera which means you'll be getting a photo with 640×480 resolution or even lower.

Another concern is the stability of the app itself. There have numerous problems with uploading with quite a few crashes in between. To be fair, the app is still relatively new and this is not something that can't be ironed out with future updates.

If you are someone who's looking for a new and fresh photo sharing app,  then we recommend that you check out GLMPS. You can download the GLMPS app from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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