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fTalk: This Might Be The Best Free Facebook Chat Client For Windows You’ll Ever Use

It is a known fact that social networking behemoth Facebook have been quite busy lately. If you are a Facebook fan, then you are probably aware that they have recently launched a Skype powered video feature and a new interface for Facebook Chat. The latter was met with mixed reactions but many were quite unhappy with the new chatting interface in Facebook. If you are someone who loves chatting with your Facebook friends and wants a dedicated application for it, then we have just the software for you.

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Introducing fTalk, a simple but feature rich standalone messenger application for Facebook. With fTalk, you will be able to access Facebook chat right from your desktop. And you don't even need to open Facebook in your browsers. It has a simple but great looking interface which is absolutely easy to use. If you have used Windows Live Messenger before, then you'll find that it quite resembles fTalk. There's nothing much to fault fTalk with regards to aesthetics and GUI, unless you dislike applications with sleek looking and easy to use interface.
Using fTalk is a fairly painless process. First you will need to download the installer from fTalk's website and install it into your Windows machine. After doing so, you will be asked for your Facebook account login details upon launching the application. And as with all Facebook apps, you will be asked for your permission through Facebook Connect before you can start using fTalk. Just allow access for the app and there you go, you can now start using fTalk. You will also be given an option to share the app through a wall post if you want to spread the word.
fTalk Sign-in
fTalk FB Connect
Once connected, you will be logged in into the chat client and be presented with a window that contains a list of your friends. Your contact list is automatically retrieved from Facebook so you pretty much don't have to do anything with regards to that respect. Your Contact list will be sorted based on their status if they are online or offline. Unfortunately, the application doesn't seem to offer any way to sort your friends in user-created groups which is a common feature among other messenger clients.
fTalk Contact List
fTalk Chat Window
And much like other messenger clients, users will receive a popup notification at the system tray once a friend goes online. fTalk also has a preferences menu (which is accessed by clicking on your profile pic and Preferences) where you can adjust a number of basic settings such as whether fTalk will be launched on startup, showing emoticons and enabling tray notification and sounds. From the application itself, you can also access a variety of functionality such as sending private messages, posting to walls, viewing photos and profiles which can be done by right clicking on a contact's name. Although these functions does nothing more but redirect you to Facebook.
fTalk Notification
fTalk Preferences
Overall, fTalk is solid messenger application for Facebook that delivers its promise, and does a good job at it. Facebook users who are heavy into chatting with their buddies and are looking for an alternative other than the default chat, then fTalk comes highly recommended. The developers have promised that they will continue to add new features into it, so there's still a lot of possibility for improvement.

Download fTalk Facebook messenger application for Windows.

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