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Firefox 6 for Android Released, Features New Look and Interface Along with Other Improvements

Just a few days ago we have reported that Firefox 6 was made available for Mac and Windows users. Oddly enough, the version of the browser for the Android wasn't updated, well until now that is. Mozilla just announced that Firefox has been updated and it now features a fresh new look and a host of other features.

Firefox 6 for Android
The announcement was made by Mozilla on their official blog where the global, non-profit organization also detailed all the changes made with the Android version of Firefox. Once installed, one of the most prominent change that you'll probably notice first is the overall look of the browser. Firefox 6 for Android actually looks like a native Android app. The signature Firefox look is now gone and in favor of an aesthetic design that quite resembles the default Android browser. Aside from that, Android users are also treated to a new welcome screen and a slightly redesigned interface which are now optimized for tablets.
Firefox 6 for Android Screenshot
Aside from the cosmetic changes, Firefox 6 for Android also have several improvements under the hood. This new version of Firefox for Android features high quality image scaling (on devices with NEON-compatible processors), crispier display including logo, smoother and faster zooming and less pixelation. Performance and memory management, both an ever present concern with the browser, were also improved as well as several bug fixes and enhancements.

Finally, Mozilla also provided better support for developer tools which should “help create rich, compelling mobile Web apps and websites”. Touch events are also mentioned which facilitates better interaction with web pages and services and should help with compatibility with existing web content. IndexedDB database storage for web pages is also added which allows web application and websites to be made available even offline. Click here to view the complete release notes of Firefox 6 for Android.
Firefox 6 for Android Screens
If you're an avid Firefox user and owns an Android device, then it is highly recommended that you get this app now. There is no reason for you to be stuck with the default Android browser. With Firefox Sync, you'll be able to synchronize your bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords between multiple devices and your desktop computer. In addition to that you'll also have access to various addons and plugins that should help in improving your web experience.

Starting with Firefox 4 which was released earlier this year, Mozilla adapted a faster release strategy in order to compete with the likes of Google Chrome, which also employs a faster release cycle. So now instead of waiting for months and even years before an update, Firefox fans can expect frequent updates and improvements albeit they are of minor nature.

Download Firefox 6 for Android from the Andorid Market.

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    Tahir10 years, 2 months ago

    Update: Mozilla Firefox beta 7 is now available.