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Facebook, Twitter Hits an All-Time High Record in Terms of U.S. Traffic for July

When it comes to the world of social media, two social networks are most likely to come out on top, Facebook and Twitter. Both social networks are not only relevant to the social networking scene but their popularity continues to grow by the day. Now fans of both social networks should be very well pleased because according to traffic numbers, Facebook and Twitter have both hit a record in terms of unique visitors in the United States.

Twitter and Facebook
These traffic figures are according to the findings of comScore, a global Internet information provider. According to the numbers, Facebook saw a staggering 162 million unique visitors from the United States during the month of July. A number which is a considerable improvement over the month of June when the social network had 160.8 million unique visitors and about 157.2 million for the month of May.

Microblogging service Twitter, had also set a new record for its five years of existence. For the month of July, Twitter's unique visitors from the US totals to an impressive 32.8 million. This is a notable improvement for the Twitter platform as well when compared to the month of June's 30.6 million unique visitors and 27 million uniques back in May. TechCrunch noted that this increase in traffic is a big deal for Twitter especially when traffic is being split between its mobile clients in addition to numerous third party clients that are utilized to access the network.
comScore Traffic
On the other hand, while both Facebook and Twitter have been considerable improvement, the same can't be said to the other social networks. The business related social network LinkedIn had a slight decrease in traffic from 33.9 million unique visitors in June to 32.5 million unique for the month of July. MySpace as expected, continues to decline in terms of US visitors dropping from 33 million in June to 32.8 million in July (tied with Twitter).

There have been a time that Facebook and Twitter will go head to head in terms of users and traffic but seeing such numbers, one could only conclude that such is not the case anymore. While Twitter isn't exactly killing Facebook, it seems that it continues to do well on its own. It seems that both social networks can coexist after all.

As we all know, there is a new social network in town, Google+. Google's latest attempt to be relevant to the world of social media is currently the fastest growing social network in existence. Although it has already seen a slight decline in traffic since it was launched. With Google+ joining in on the fray, it would be interesting how it would affect other social network in terms of active users and traffic. [via TechCrunch]

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