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Facebook Messenger: Free Standalone Instant Messaging App for iOS and Android

The official Facebook app for the iOS and Android is one of the most popular mobile app around. It is the app of choice of Facebook power users on the go. And if you are using the Facebook mobile app, then chances are you are also frequently using the app's instant messaging feature. If you do, then you might want to check out what Zuckerberg and Co. have in store for you. Facebook just released a standalone instant messaging app for both the iOS and Android called Facebook Messenger.

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Let's all face it, the official Facebook app isn't really the greatest app out there. It is simply riddled with problems like constant constant crashing, wall posting problems and faulty push notifications. It is also odd that the social networking behemoth is not refining the instant messaging of the mobile app when it is one of the features that is being used the most. But now, it seems that Facebook is now getting serious about their instant messaging service thus prompting the company to release their first ever standalone app.
Facebook Messenger for Android
So why install a standalone instant messaging app when you already have the official Facebook app? Well if you love using the mobile app's instant messaging feature, then you will find many things to love with Facebook Messenger. This standalone app works similarly like with other instant messaging app. All you have to do after installing the app is login with your Facebook details and you are ready to go. Once logged in, you will be presented with a list which comprises your Facebook and Address Book contacts which you can use to send instant messages to. Aside from access to Facebook Chat, users will also be able to send SMS messages as long as the recipient's Address Book matches his Facebook account. This particular feature however will cost you the standard carrier charges.

Aside from the standard instant messaging, Facebook Messenger also allows group chatting. With this feature you can send text chats towards multiple recipients which is done by selecting multiple contacts from the Address book. Another feature that is worth noting is the ability to map your location and send them to your friends with just a few taps.
Facebook Messenger for iOS
As stated before, if you are a Facebook power user and loves using Facebook Chat and the instant messaging feature to stay connected with your Facebook friends, then do yourself a favor and give Facebook Messenger a try. Most especially if you dread using the full Facebook app which is full of bugs. With Facebook going more than 750+ million and the fact that everyone seems to be on Facebook, this could potentially replace the traditional way of sending messages.

Facebook Messenger is standalone instant messaging app that's developed by Beluga, a company that's purchased by the social networking giant earlier this year. The app is still quite new and more improvements are expected down the line but overall we think they are heading into the right direction.

Download Facebook Messenger App from the iTunes App Store
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