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AViiQ Portable Charging Station: Charge Up to Four Devices With Just One Power Outlet

If you are a gadget or mobile device enthusiast, then it highly likely that you carry around your gizmos with wherever you go. If that's the case then you are certainly inclined to agree that some of the most prominent hassles of managing multiple devices is keeping them organized and making sure that they don't run out of juice. Whenever you are going for a vacation or a business trip, charging multiple devices can be quite a pain. If you are someone who owns multiple gadgets and gizmos and shares the same predicaments that were previously mentioned, then you will certainly love this accessory that we're about to present.

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Presenting the AViiQ Portable Charging Station, a neat accessory that's designed to eliminate all the woes that comes with owning multiple devices while on the go. When you carry multiple gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, handheld game devices and so on, then you are also most likely carrying power bulky power adapters and all sorts of cables for charging purposes. In no time, things can get disorganized, complete with tangled or missing cables. Now with this portable charging station, you do not have to go through all that.

AViiQ, the award-winning mobile electronics accessory and design company specializing in solutions for on-the-go users, announces the availability of the AViiQ Portable Charging Station, the revolutionary travel sleeve that charges three USB devices at the same time using only one power outlet and eliminates hassles caused by tangles and carrying multiple chargers.

Designed with convenience in mind, the AViiQ Portable Charging Station features multiple internal and external pockets to keep device-specific cables neat and organized. Small enough to fit in a purse, laptop bag or backpack, the travel sleeve measures 10"x5"x1.5" and weighs less than 1 lb, making it perfect for travelers who desire versatility and portability.

Basically, the AViiQ Portable Charging Station doubles as your gadget organizer and as well as a charging hub packed in one convenient travel sleeve. With this accessory, you will be able to simultaneously charge up to 3 + 1 devices with just one power outlet. One of the USB slot is sort of a data port which connects to your computer so you can easily sync your Apple devices. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station has 10W of power so it can even charge your iPad. Here is the official video of the product so you can take a closer look at it:

The sleeve itself measures 10 x 5 x1.5-inch and it is small enough to fit in a backpack, laptop bag or purse. The case is made from Nylon while charging hub is made of ABS plastic. The whole thing weighs less than a pound. This portable charging station will cost you $79.99.

The AViiQ Portable Charging Station is definitely an interesting product that should prove to be highly useful and practical especially to those who carries multiple devices. Well, even if you are not travelling that much, you can use this accessory to charge your devices at home in a clutter free manner. The $80 asking price can be a little steep for some people, but if you don't mind the price and loves to travel, then the AViiQ Portable Charging Station should be a good buy.

Buy AViiQ Portable Charging Station for $79.99.

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