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Are These the Touchscreen Components of the iPhone 5 in Production? [Photos]

We all know that the next generation iPhone will be coming soon which makes Apple fans all over the world get stoked with anticipation. And as usual prior to major Apple product release, the tech industry is once again bombarded with countless rumors and leaks that covers pretty much every aspect of the next gen iPhone. A new leaked photo surfaced in the Internet today that allegedly was taken from inside Apple's touchscreen plant, Wintek.

iPhone 5 Touchscreen Components
According to a report by M.I.C Gadget, the photo in question came from Sina, a microblog and infotainment web portal which works like Twitter. As you can see, the photo above depicts a couple of workers in protective suits and masks who're seems to working on what appears to be the touchscreen component of the iPhone.

There have been reports of incidents that involves Wintek workers being poisoned by N-Hexane (a product used in cleaning touchscreen components) during the production of iPhone touchscreens. Allegedly, Wintek have setup video cameras in order to monitor the status of the workers. That last bit seems to be too unlikely because that would indicate that manufacturing companies actually do care about their workforce (remember the Foxconn workers?). More likely it is just a crafty excuse in an attempt to put some credibility in leaked images such as these. Who knows?
iPhone 5 Touchscreen Components Zoomed
So let's get on with the touchscreen component featured in the photo. Based on the photo, it seems that the screen looks to be bigger than the current iPhone 4. The Retina Display of the iPhone 4 is already falling behind other smartphones in terms of real estate. So for the iPhone 5, it makes sense for the Cupertino company to keep up with the competition by featuring a larger screen display. Especially now that Apple is about to launch its major upgrade to the iOS, the iOS 5 which has a great deal of new features that could certainly benefit from the larger display.
iPhone 5 Concept Design
And if you are going to look closely, the touchscreen component in the photo looks to have an elongated Home button. This goes along nicely with the concept design that was featured by MacRumors last week (check photo above). This particular design choice is said to be made in order to accommodate a gesture-based system within the Home button. Users will be able to swipe either to the left or right direction which should come in handy when multi-tasking.

Typical of iPhone photo leaks, the photo is a bit blurry and rather distant which prevents us to perform a much needed closer look. So there is no way to verify if this is indeed the real thing. This shot could easily be from a production plant from a different brand of smartphone and some guy decided to upload it to the internet in order to stir the iPhone 5 rumor pot.

Well at least it does coincide with past rumors regarding the next iPhone. If this photo is indeed authentic, we could be looking at the actual touchscreen component of the iPhone 5 and should give us hint on how it would look like. [via M.I.C Gadget]

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