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Apple to Release the iPhone 5 and 4S Next Month Along with the iPad 3? [Rumor]

If you have been paying attention to the iPhone 5 rumor mill, then you should be aware there have been reports floating around that Apple will be releasing not one, but two iPhones this year. Rumor has it that there will be the device that will succeed the iPhone 4 and on the other hand, the other device is a cheaper variety of the iPhone which will be marketed as an entry level to midrange smartphone. Now another report surfaces that Apple will not only release two iPhones in September, which are dubbed the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, but the iPad 3 as well.

iPad 3 Concept
The report comes from Apple oriented Japanese blog Macotakara which suggests that the tech world will be treated to three new Apple products next month, which is of course the low-end iPhone 4S, the high-end iPhone 5 and the next major tablet release, the iPad 3. According to the blog, it is likely that Apple will be announcing the new iPhones and iPad around the first week of September and will be released around October.

According to Macotakara blog (which is roughly translated by Google):

Will new iPhone and iPad be started 4S produce at the 1st week in September, and October be Late Released?

Will iPhone 4S and new iPad be started produce at the 1st week in September, and be released late October?

DigiTmes has reported about new iPhone and iPad “are likely to make their debuts in September and to hit the market in October.”. I listened similar information which supports

According to sources, iPhone 4S which is based on iPhone 4(CDMA) and new iPad will be started produce since 1st week in September and will be shipped in late October.

The bit about the iPad 3 being released or announced next month feels somehow unlikely. The iPad 2 was just released in March earlier this year and sales are quite impressive. And for Apple to release a new iPad six months into the iPad 2's life cycle simply does not sound plausible. Besides there have been some reports that the A6 chip which will be used for the next iPad will not be ready until sometime the first half of 2012. Or perhaps we could be looking at an upgraded version of the iPad 2 next month?

As stated before, we have received reports that Apple will be releasing a cheaper iPhone this year so somehow the bit about the iPhone 4S is more likely to happen. Although Macotakara specifically mentioned that it will be CDMA based which is kind of odd. If the Cupertino company is indeed planning to release a cheaper iPhone it should definitely come both in CDMA and GSM version in order to ensure maximum profit. As for the iPhone 5, this report at least strengthens the September release date.

The Japanese blog Macotakara has offered some reliable and quality information in the past regarding Apple's products. So for us, as it stands, there will be no iPad 3 next month. An iPad HD or iPad 2 Plus makes more sense but still somehow doubtful. iPhone 4S (or whatever the cheaper iPhone will be called) however is kind of plausible. iPhone 5? Well, definitely that's a yes.

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