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Apple Has Started Approving iOS 5 Apps, Will iOS 5 Launch Next Month?

As you all know, the release of Apple's upcoming update to its mobile operating system, the iOS 5 is just around the corner. In case you have forgotten, Apple announced in last June's WWDC that the iOS 5 will go live this coming fall. Although no exact date was given, it is expected to arrive this September along with the iPhone 5's launch. Now it seems that the Cupertino company is starting to approve apps for iOS 5 suggesting that its release date is drawing near.

iOS 5 Icon
Just last week, the popular photography app Camera+ received an update which comes with a couple of bug fixes and one interesting addition. According to the app's release notes, it adds support to an operating system that's not to be named:

Compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named.

Well in case that wasn't too obvious, the upcoming OS that was referred to is course the iOS 5. In addition to that, social media news blog Mashable's official app has also received an update which clearly states "iOS 5 Compatibility." One can only assume that this iOS 5 update are probably for iCloud support which just recently went into beta. Or most likely just an update for better performance and stability for iOS 5 users.
iOS 5 Features
With Apple starting to approve apps for the iOS 5, one can't help but think that the September release date of the OS is now more likely than ever. Traditionally, whenever Apple releases a new version of its operating system, it is almost always accompanied by a new iPhone. So we just have to assume that the September release of the iPhone 5 is becoming more of a possiblity. But of course, that's just all an assumption though.

Back in June's WWDC 2011, Apple finally previewed the iOS 5 during their keynote presentation where they highlighted the key features of its upcoming mobile OS. The iOS 5 features over 200+ new features such as a new notifications system called Notifications Center, deep Twitter integration, iMessage, Over-the-Air updates, WiFi Syncing and so on.

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