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AntiSec Hacks US Law Enforcement Server, Leaks Over 10GB Worth of Confidential Data

For many months now, incidence of cyber attacks have been headlining the news. On the other hand, incidence of arrests of the alleged perpetrators of these attacks have been making the headlines as well. Just last month, the FBI conducted a series of arrests of individuals who are suspected to be members of hacking groups, Anonymous and Lulz Security (LulzSec). This vicious cycle have been going on lately with both sides seemingly unwilling to back down. Now the hackers have once again struck, and this time, the one responsible is the group called AntiSec. The group hacked their way into various police departments all across the US and leaked a massive 10 gigabyte worth of confidential information.

Does anyone recall the incident when LulzSec hacked into the Arizona's Department of Public Safety and leaked confidential data of hundreds of police officers? Well what happened here is pretty similar except that it is on a much wider scale. AntiSec hacked their way into a server that's hosting more than 70 websites relating to law enforcement. And of course, a hacking spree ensues. The hackers got their hands on confidential data of more than 300 officers which includes sensitive information such as private emails, credit card details, addresses, passwords and even their social security number.

There is no doubt that this poses potential physical harm to the officers who's confidential data have been leaked but the hacking group made it clear that they do not care. According to Antisec's released announcement:

We have no sympathy for any of the officers or informants who may be endangered by the release of their personal information. For too long they have been using and abusing our personal information, spying on us, arresting us, beating us, and thinking that they can get away with oppressing us in secrecy. Well it's retribution time: we want them to experience just a taste of the kind of misery and suffering they inflict upon us on an everyday basis.

The released statement of the group also includes every detail on how they were able to penetrate the law enforment's system.

This particular attack was said to be the hacker's response to the arrest of Jake Davis, the 18-year old who's allegedly one of LulzSec's mastermind. And also for the fact that many law enforcement agencies have downplayed or completely denied that they have ever been attacked.
Operation AntiSec
AntiSec, short for Anti-Security, is a new group that is said to be composed of various Anonymous and LulzSec members. The latter announced that they were going to be disbanding but it seems that they are still being largely active lately. AntiSec is the group responsible for the recent attacks on high profile companies such as AT&T and Sony. Even the United States Senate wasn't spared from the cyber attacks. Together with Anonymous and LulzSec, this hacking collective trio poses a formidable threat against any organization that they seemed worthy to target.

It is clear that these hackers chooses to wage war to both the intelligence commnunity and the department of law enforcement. It doesn't look like this conflict is going to end anytime soon, so expect more cyber attacks and arrests coming in the future.

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    Feliks10 years, 2 months ago

    AntiSec isn’t a new group, it’s a LulzSec & Anonymous OP.