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Anon+, Hacker Group Anonymous’ Own Social Network is Now Live

If anyone can recall, we have reported here that notorious hacker group Anonymous' Google+ account was suspended due to violation of Google's policies. That particular report also indicated that Anonymous was planning to launch a social networking website of their own where the members "will not tolerate being shut down, censored, or oppressed - even in the face of blackout." Basically anyone who desires for a "better Internet." Well, now Anonymous has officially launched their own social network dubbed as Anon+.

Anonymous Wallpaper
The news was brought to our attention through a tweet from the group's official Twitter account (@YourAnonNews).
Anon+ Tweet

Welcome to a new why of thinking about a social network.

If you head over to the social network's official website (, you will see their mission statement in the front page, the most notable bits are:

Anonplus was meant to thwart government censorship - so that in the case of a government blackout - the people can still be heard. The people are so far estranged from their world governments that they do not have a voice - even outside of revolution - therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear censorhip from both the government AND the social network/media that they are choosing to use.

This social network will also incorporate and facilitate an open source educational environment allowing those who want, to further their knowledge of things that are righted to them at birth without having to feed the machine thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so.

This social network will allow open communication of ideas -and is essentially a cyber-anarchy formatted environment whereas the people are the ones keeping the peace in order via an "understanding," rather than a "force" or "threat." They will be able to achieve knowledge on how to defend themselves against those who would stand to oppose them in the chance that their liberty and freedom be threatened.

From the looks of it, Anon+ is aiming to be an online community for hackers and those who supports the cause of Anonymous without the threat of censorship just like with Google+ or Facebook or being shut down by the government. As of now Anon+ seems to be not quite finished yet. The website itself looks very simple and maybe even downright amateurish in design, which is also true with regards to site's navigation. The main navigation menu links to a forum which is assumed to be the meat of Anon+ which as of this writing has about 2000+ posts.
Anonymous Anon+
It still remains to be seen if Anon+ will be able to solicit enough members so it can be called a success. But if you consider rounding up the supporters of the three known hacking groups which are Anonymous, LulzSec and AntiSec, then they should be able to come up with a decent number of members. But it seems that even the group isn't sure how this online community would shape up:

It is merely a network of free thinking, free minded people banding together to create an anonymous communications tool capable of sustaining a social network. What comes from it is left for the community itself to populate and utilize.

A few days ago we have brought to you a report that Anonymous hacked security contractor ManTech and leaked 400MB worth of confidential data into the Internet. What will the group be up to next?

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