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White iPod Touch 5G Parts Surfaced Across The Globe [Pictures]

Apple is expected to announce the next version of its portable media player, the iPod Touch 5G in September this year during the company's annual Music Event. And while it is nearing its expected launch date, more rumors are floating regarding the 5th Generation iPod Touch such as its rumored 3G connectivity. Now, there have been rumors that Apple will be releasing a white model of the iPod touch. Photos of alleged parts of the white iPod Touch were taken from Asia, where its closest the manufacturing plant of Apple. And now according to 9to5Mac, more parts have begun to appear in the US.

White iPod Touch
The said white iPod Touch 5G parts are acquired by one of 9to5Mac's reader hailing from the East Coast of the United States. The parts according to 9to5Mac, fits perfectly on an iPod Touch 4g. The said reader took the liberty of snapping some photos in order to show the world what the parts of the white iPod Touch 5G looks like.

According to 9to5Mac:

Since we posted photos last week of a white front panel for an iPod Touch, more white iPod Touch parts have emerged. Our first part photographs were taken in Asia, close to Apple’s manufacturing plants, and now these parts have begun to appear in the United States. Reader Lafayette from the East Coast of the United States has managed to obtain his own set of white iPod Touch parts.These parts were marketed as being for the fourth generation iPod Touch, and appear to fit perfectly based on this photo and the ones after the break. These white iPod Touch parts started emerging this month, just weeks ahead of Apple’s annual iPod-focused event. With a typically credible analyst’s report claiming that the next iPod Touch will not feature any external changes, one could assume that the white iPod Touch parts we have seen are for a fifth-generation iPod Touch with no external changes – other than the color. This would obviously allow them to fit on the current iPod Touch model, too.

As mentioned above, September is the expected date when Apple will finally announce the next version iPods, along with the iPhone 5. Of course, it still remains to be seen whether an iPod or an iPhone will be launched in September. But it should be pretty safe to say that we can expect a new hardware from Apple this coming September.

Below are the photos of the alleged iPod Touch 5G that fits snugly into an iTouch 4G:
White iPod Touch 5G
White iPod Touch 5G 2
White iPod Touch 5G 3
Japanese blog Macotakara has gotten its hand on the white iPod Touch 5G parts and recorded this video:

With this, two things are possible to happen. First, it is either Apple will be releasing a new iPod Touch with the same form factor as the 4G and will be available in black and white variations. Or Apple will simply release a white version of the current iPod Touch 4G. Both scenario isn't all that far out since Apple have released white versions of their devices before such as the iPhone. [via 9to5Mac]

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