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Top 7 Springboard Tweaks for 2011

Many iDevice owners jailbreak their device for a variety of reasons. But it is hard to deny the appeal of having access to tons of cool jailbroken iOS tweaks that completely changes how you interact with the device. Admittedly, while there are a lot of many cool apps that are available in the App Store, but the wide array of creative tweaks that you can only utilize through a jailbroken device is unparalleled. The springboard is one of the aspect of the iOS that gets quite a lot of attention from jailbreak developers. Now here are some of the best springboard tweaks that you can use to customize your device.

Cydia Tweaks


Gridlock Jailbreak Tweak
This springboard tweak is brought to the jailbreak community by famed iPhone developers Chpwn and P0sixninja. Now this jailbreak tweak simply removes the restrictions that applies to the rows and columns of apps. This means that you are free to position the app icons in your springboard anywhere you want. This also means you do not need to create blank icons in order to effectively layout your icons. You will simply need to drag and drop the icons to create whichever layout that you want.

Gridlock is available in the Cydia Store via BigBoss repository for $0.99.


Graviboard Cydia Tweak
Now while the practicality of this tweak is quite debatable, it is hard to deny that Graviboard is a pretty cool tweak to show your friends. Graviboard basically adds gravity to your springboard. Now you can literally play with your apps. App icons will fall, float, stumble and roll and you can fling them around like little cubes. They will even gravitate towards the depending on the direction you tilt your device to. You can configure the settings of the gravity with three options to choose from: Earth, Moon and No Gravity. This is a very cool tweak to show off or if you want to play a prank on someone. This actually is a lot more fun when installed in an iPad because of the larger screen.

Check out this cool demo of Graviboard:

Graviboard is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repository for $2.99.


DeepEnd Cydia Tweak
Developed by a well-known jailbreak developer, Ryan Petrich, this Cydia app adds a cool 3D effect to your springboard icons. This jailbreak tweak makes use of the iPhone 4's gyroscope (which means this works best with 4th generation devices) that enables to seemingly change the orientation of your screen depending on which angle you hold your handset, giving it a neat 3D effect. Best of all, DeepEnd is available in Cydia for free but you do need to add Ryan's repo which is:

The effect is actually quite hard to see in an image so here's a video demonstration of DeepEnd:

Page 2D

Page 2D Cydia Tweak
Page 2D basically adds a new way for you to swipe your springboard other than the conventional directions. With Page 2D enabled, you will now be able to swipe the springboard vertically. Vertical scrolling provides more than cosmetic benefits because it offers a different jump in pages. Which means that by scrolling vertically, you will be able to reach the page that you want in a much faster way. This is especially useful if you have a good deal of apps pages in your springboard as it saves you a lot of time.

Yet this is another tweak that needs to be seen in action in order to appreciate so this video should give you an idea how Page 2D works:

Page 2D is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.99.


Infinidock Cydia Tweak
One of the most useful component of the springboard is definitely the Dock as it holds some of your favorite / frequently accessed applications so you can get to them quickly. But the thing is that, it has its limitations. Like having only 4 icons maximum (or 5 after added tweaks) which seriously limits its applications. Infinidock by chpwn adds new ways for you to customize your springboard dock. You see this tweak allows horizontal scrolling in your dock so you can add as many apps as you want and you can even set just how many icons to have per page. An oldie but definitely a very useful tweak for multi-taskers out there.

Here's a video review of Infinidock for you to check out:

Infinidock  is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $0.99.


NoSpot Cydia Tweak
The springboard Spotlight search is a feature that allows you to search specifically for an application in your springboard. A useful feature that comes in handy if you have tons of apps in your springboard. But there are those that find this feature to be very annoying and they rarely use this feature at all. Now if you are that kind of user, then this tweak is for you. This is a very simple tweak that completely disables the Spotlight search feature in the springboard and that's it, it won't bother you ever again.

Here's video that should give you an idea how NoSpot works:

NoSpot is available in Cydia for free.


Barrel Cydia Tweak
Ever wish that you can change how your springboard transitions into another page? Well here's a tweak that you are going to love. Barrel by developer Aaron Ash is a jailbreak tweak that adds a 3D "cube" effect when flipping through your springboard pages. The effect is pretty stunning and it doesn't look like it even slows down your system. Definitely one of the best available springboard transition tweak for the iOS. The only downside is that it only works well with iOS 4.X.X. It will work with older firmware but it will experience some significant slowdowns due to hardware limitations.

Here is a video of Barrel tweak in action:

Barrel is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $2.99.

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    Mon5ter6 years, 4 months ago

    Video looks really sweet. I wished it was longer. I don’t know why Apple is against jail breaking (customizing the phone i paid so much for). I phone is a marvel once customized. Thank you developers For all you do For the jail breaking (customizing) Community