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Top 10 SBSettings Toggles for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

If you have been a follower of the jailbreaking scene for quite some time, then you are most likely familiar with the jailbreak tweak SBSettings. Well you should be because it is one of the must have tweaks that you should install on a jailbroken device. SBSettings enables the user to quickly and easily access all sorts of toggles such as bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, SSH and so on. And you can access the tweak anytime just by swiping your finger at the top of the screen. With that said, here are the Top 10 SBSettings Toggles for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

SBSettings Toggles
NOTE: All these SBSettings Toggles can be found and downloaded from Cydia.

Autocorrection SBSettings

Autocorrection SBSettings Toggle
Autocorrect is one of those features that's useful when it does work as intended. But when it does not, it leads to some really embarrassing, hilarious or awkward moments because the SMS text message you've sent was changed by Autocorrect. Now this toggle allows you to easily disable / enable the Autocorrect feature.

Insomnia Toggle

Insomnia SBSettings Toggle
If you have the habit of downloading large files from your iDevice then you will surely find this toggle to be extremely useful. This toggle allows your WiFi to run even if your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch enters sleep mode, allowing you to complete your downloads. Messenger applications will also keep working if this toggle is enabled.

Push Notifications Toggle

Push Notifications SBSettings Toggle
As useful as they are, notifications can become quite intrusive especially if you are working with an application or playing with iOS games. This toggle lets you enable or disable push notifications anytime, anywhere within the iOS. Useful when you just want to work with an app or play games without any distractions.

Remove Background SBSettings

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle
If you are an app hoarder and open several ones in a day, chances are by the end of the day you have multiple apps that are running in the background which continues to consume RAM that can slow down your device. This SBSettings toggle allows you to terminate all applications that are running in the background in one go. It's a very neat tweak that could help you conserve battery life and decrease the memory load in your device.

Data Roaming SBSettings

Data Roaming SBSettings Toggle
If you are someone who's frequently travels abroad, then SBSettings toggle will be your best friend. This toggle adds a new button to SBSettings which enables you to easily turn data roaming on or off. This allows you to make sure that you don't have to deal with those unpleasant surprises when receiving your phone bills.

Data Usage SbSettings Addon

Data Usage SBSettings Toggle
Wouldn't it be nice if you can accurately track your data usage for the month? Well, lucky you because this SBSettings toggle does just that. This tweak adds a new button to SBSettings that will show you just how much incoming and outgoing data traffic you have incurred so far. Definitely a must have app for those who are not under unlimited data plans.

Calculator Widget

Calculator Widget SBSettings Toggle
So one would argue, why would you want to install a calculator widget when there is a calculator app that's native to the iOS? Well since this widget is accessible through SBSettings, it only means that you can access this calculator even inside an application. Which also means you do not have to exit the app each time you need a calculator.

Rotation Inhibitor

Rotation Inhibitor SBSettings Toggle
This is yet another important toggle that could definitely save you some frustrations. This SBSettings toggle allows you to quickly enable or disable the rotation feature in your iOS device. When disabled, any application that changes orientation when rotated will not do so anymore. One good example of this is when you are trying to change volume or skip songs in the iPod, it instead goes into Cover Flow which can be really frustrating while you're on the go. This SBSettings toggle takes care of all of that.

Springflash SBSettings Toggle

Springflash SBSettings Toggle
Now this tweak allows you to quickly enable or disable Springflash right from SBSettings. Needless to say, for this toggle to work, you will need to install Springflash in your device. In case you are not familiar with Springflash, it is a jailbreak app that activates the iPhone 4's LED flashlight using a springboard activator.

3G Unrestrictor SbSettings Toggle

3G Unrestrictor SBSettings Toggle
3G Unrestrictor is a popular utility the tricks your iPhone into thinking that you are in WiFi, even if you are in a 3G or EDGE. Some applications like Skype or SlingPlayer can't be used if you are in a 3G or EDGE network. In YouTube you are only allowed to view low quality videos while on 3G. 3G removes all that limitations. With this SBSettings Toggle, you can easily turn on or off the 3G Unrestrictor tweak even inside an app. This SBSettings Toggle is actually comes packaged with the 3G Unrestrictor app.

NOTE: You will notice that some toggle icons are not found within the SBSettings even after installing. A simple solution would be to turn off the toggle from within the SBSettings, then after the respring, turn it back on again. The icon should now be found in SBSettings.

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