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Top 10 Free iPhone Productivity Apps of 2011

For most iPhone users, chances are high that you primarily treat your device in various ways. For some users it could be their phone, for others it could be their music player and there are those that treats their iPhone as a gaming device. But your iPhone as a tool that you can use to improve your productivity? Well, why not? With the right apps, your iPhone becomes a powerful  productivity tool that simply lets you get things done quickly and more efficiently. And you don't have to blow your credit card either just to purchase a good productivity app either. These are the Top 10 Must Have Free Productivity Apps of 2011.

Top Productivity Apps for iPhone


Dropbox Logo
If you have heard about Dropbox for the desktop, then you'll be happy to know that this web-based free fill hosting service is also available for your iDevice. With Dropbox you can seamlessly sync files across multiple devices, like for example between your iPhone, PC or Mac and your iPad. You can even share links with anybody which makes it very useful if you are working with someone. This is simply perfect for a paperless working environment.
Dropbox App
Download Dropbox app from the iTunes App Store.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation from Nuance Communications lets you turn your spoken word into text on the fly. It is fast and efficient and is definitely a great alternative if you absolutely hate using the virtual keyboard. All you need to do is tap on the Record button and start recording whatever it is you want to type using your voice. And just a couple of taps and that recording can become your email or SMS text message. Definitely a great time saver as it is five times faster than typing on a keyboard.
Dragon Dictation Screens
Download Dragon Dictation app from the iTunes App Store.

Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting
There are tons of apps in the App Store that lets you host and join meetings and conferences on the fly but Fuze Meeting stands out as one of better ones. Whether it is for joining or hosting web conferences or meetings, sharing or viewing documents and media or chatting with your colleagues, Fuze Meeting has got you covered. Fuze Meeting is free of charge although you will need to pay a free in order to be able to host conferences or meetings.
Fuze Meeting Screens
Download Fuze Meeting app from the iTunes App Store.

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner Logo
Simply put, Schedule Planner is one of the best daily task planner that you can get from the iTunes App Store. One simply has to wonder how this particular app can be offered for free when it gives the user so much functionality and does it rather well. This app lets you schedule your daily tasks either manually or by choosing pre-set plans, and organize them into categories which are color coded for easier reference. There is also a handy comparison between your planned schedule and your actual schedule so you can review them and determine whether your productivity needs some work or not.
Schedule Planner Screens
Download Schedule Planner app from the iTunes App Store.


HeyTell Logo
If you are a business owner then you can definitely benefit from apps that gives you push-to-talk capabilities. HeyTell from developers Voxilate lets you do exactly just that. Basically this app lets you send voice messages without even dialing. These voice messages are sent like voice mails which can be received by the recipient almost instantly. You just need to hold down the talk button and just speak. HeyTell is absolutely free to use but if you want added functionality that lets you broadcast your message to up to 25 recipients, then you can invest in a $3 plug-in.
HeyTell Screens
Download HeyTell app from the iTunes App Store.


Springpad Logo
We all know that note taking apps in the App Store are dime a dozen, but if you want to get one of the better free ones, then you can't go wrong with Springpad. Aside from taking down notes and tasks, you can also add photos, record an audio, scan a barcode and so on. Newly added items are automatically organized. For added functionality, the app automatically syncs with its web version counterpart.
Springpad App
Download Springpad app from the iTunes App Store.


Flashlight App Icon
"Flashlight instantly turns your iPhone 4 into a REAL brightest flashlight!" That's according to the app's official page in iTunes. And basically that's all you need to know. So instead of turning on your iPhone in order to illuminate dark areas and corners, you can simply power on this app and get a better light source. Strobe and blinking effects are also supported.
Flashlight App Screens
Download Flashlight app from the iTunes App Store.


Alarmed Icon
Just because you can't really write a productivity app list without a good alarm a good alarm clock tool right? Alarmed is not only an alarm clock but it can also function as a reminder and timer tool. You will also be able to schedule tasks and events so you can receive alerts and reminders through the system's push notifications. There is also a "nag-me" feature that you can use to repeatedly remind yourself with every minute or hour.
Alarmed App Screens
Download Alarmed app from the iTunes App Store.


Wunderlist Icon
Wunderlist is a task manager app in a huge stream of task apps that are available in the App Store. But what makes Wunderlist is its interface, it looks so simple yet, it still strikes me as beautiful and professional. Task lists can be easily shared with anyone who have the app installed which makes it incredibly useful when working with your business partners. Once you add a new task, event or meeting, this automatically syncs with their device as well.
Wunderlist App Screens
Download Wunderlist app from the iTunes App Store.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer Icon
The name of this app says it all. Cozi Family Organizer is a great way to keep your family and their activities organized. Which means no more post-it notes in the fridge. With this app, you will have access to features like the family calendar, shopping lists, family journal and to do lists. One family will only need one Cozi account with a shared password but can contain many email addresses. It also has a web version which flawlessly syncs with the app as well.
Cozi Family Organizer App Screens
Download Cozi Family Organizer app from the iTunes App Store.

So did your favorite productivity app made it on the list? If not, then what's your favorite free iPhone, iPad or iPod touch productivity app? Let us know in the comments.

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