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Top 10 Endless Running Games for Your iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch

Casual game apps plays a significant role on the success of the App Store as mobile application distribution platform. If not, then how can you explain why games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are consistently topping the top paid charts? And some of the most popular casual games that are available in the App Store are usually the type that involves one-touch gameplay. The objective of these games usually is to score the highest points as high as you can and beat your friends' score or your personal best. And one genre that utilizes this particular game mechanic best are Endless Running games. This is the Top 10 Endless Running Games for the iOS.

10. Dead Runner

Dead Runner Screenshot
This is probably the creepiest entry in this Top 10. You are basically someone who's running from an unseen predator in the middle of a spooky forest. You are never sure of the reason why you are running or from whom, but you are certainly sure that you are running for your life. Dead Runner shakes things up a little by instead of a 2D plane running towards to the right of the screen, your runner is viewed in a first person perspective, paving way for some interesting gameplay elements and chilling atmosphere. Instead of jumping and avoiding obstacles, you are dodging and easing your way across trees. The lack of replay value and sense of urgency just barely makes it to the bottom of the list.

Buy Dead Runner for $0.99.

9. Hook Worlds

Hook Worlds Screenshot
Hook Worlds is a collection of four games with the same gameplay differentiated by slight gameplay mechanics. But each of the games has you running from a pursuer and get as far as you can using a grappling hook in order to traverse the 2D side-scrolling world. All the games have one thing in common though, they are all fun and very addictive. It is a very well crafted update to the Rocketcat Games series. As with all game featured in this list, Hook Worlds is easy to pick-up but hard to master and it is extremely fast paced. And for just a buck, you can't really go wrong with it.

Buy Hook Worlds for $0.99.

8. Grim Joggers

Grim Joggers Screenshots
In this endless running game, you control a jogger as he runs to the right side of the screen while avoiding environment hazards such as spikes and pits. Sounds like your typical endless running game right? Well not necessarily, Grim Joggers puts some interesting twist to it by letting you control multiple running characters at the same time. You mainly control the main jogger and the rest of the crew will be following you in a staggered manner. It means that when you jump, the rest of the crew will jump as well. This creates an interesting dynamic because you will need to put into consideration the rest of the crew while avoiding game hazards if not, they will surely meet a gruesome death.

Buy Grim Joggers for $1.99.

7. Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack Screenshot
Robot Unicorn is a flash game from Adult Swim's game portal that was ported over to the iOS. Well here's what you need to know about the game: you control a robot unicorn galloping through a purple and pink land of rainbows and dolphins and dashing through giant pink star obstacles and obtaining rainbow faeries, all of it while Erasure's sugary pop-song entitled Always plays in the background. Now try to wrap your head around the idea and digest all the awesomeness.

Buy Robot Unicorn Attack for $0.99.

6. Dino Rush

Dino Rush Screenshot
In this endless running game you control Dundy the dinosaur hatchling who has quite a bit of appetite for fruits. This objective is get as far as possible before your run out of stamina. You replenish your stamina by eating as much fruits as possible, all of it while avoiding all sorts of prehistoric hazards. Touching an obstacle will significantly decrease your Dundy's stamina, and the game is over if all of your stamina is depleted. Dino Rush varies it up by placing power-ups across the levels that grants super speed, fruit magnet, temporary flight and invincibility. Unlockable characters adds to the game's replay value.

Buy Dino Rush for $0.99.

5. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings Screenshot
Tiny Wings by developer Andreas Illiger certainly came out of nowhere and now, it is pretty much a staple among the top paid apps in the iOS App Store. Most of its success can be attributed to its addictive and satisfying physics-based gameplay that is build around momentum and flow. Solid and highly addictive touch and physics based gameplay, crisp and colorful graphics, an adorable main character and an endearing music pretty much makes this endless runner, or in this case flyer, a must have for any casual game fan.

Buy Tiny Wings for $0.99.

4. Chop Chop Runner

Chop Chop Runner
Talk about frantic gameplay. Chop Chop Runner may be one of the craziest and frantic gameplay you will ever see in an endless runner game. In this game, you assume the role of an elite ninja named Iro as he traverse his way into feudal Japan slicing and chopping samurai warriors, cobras and scorpions on his quest to save the beautiful princess. Yes, sounds like your typical running game but what sets it apart is the frantic running gameplay and combat, rock solid controls and challenging difficulty. If you love a good challenging endless running game, then do yourself a favor and snatch Chop Chop Runner.

Buy Chop Chop Runner for $0.99.

3. Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell Screenshot
A pretty accurate title for this endless running game because you are literally running for your life from a bunch of cannibalistic islanders who unfortunately decided that you are the main course for the next meal's menu. So what differentiates Run Like Hell from all other runner games out there? This game actually features free-running and parkour style system for its running gameplay mechanics. A definite standout quality of the game is how your character moves in a fairly realistic manner, add to that the varied number of unique locales. The gameplay itself is standard running game with power-ups that you can give you a brief speed boost or a "zap" that can temporarily stop your pursuers on their tracks. And best of all, as of this writing, this title is offered for free.

Download Run Like Hell for FREE!

2. Canabalt

Canabalt Screenshot
You know this game has to make it on this list right? It is simply virtually impossible to not include this game in a list of top endless running game when it basically started the trend in mobile gaming. This is one of the prime example of how a simple idea can turn into a hit as long as it is executed to near perfection. It may be deceptively simple in all aspects but do not be surprised when you find yourself not being able to stop playing. Canabalt is a game that every self-respecting iOS gamer should experience.

Buy Canabalt for $2.99.

1. Monster Dash

Monster Dash Screenshot
From Halfbrick Studios, the same guys that brought to us the stellar Fruit Ninja. Similar to the Canabalt formula, this game has you running in a level for as long as you can. But the similarities end there as Monster Dash expands on the tried-and-true formula by giving its protagonist “Barry Steakfries” an array of weapons so you do not only avoid the monsters that serves as obstacles but you can also blow them into smithereens. The visuals are simply top-notch, while it counts as cutesy, you can really see the details that went into it. It is simply a fun, addictive and highly polished endless running game that not only fans of the genre should get but mobile gamers in general.

Buy Monster Dash for $0.99.

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