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TIP: Personalize Your Google+ Profile URL with Google Plus Nick

The hype that surround Google's newest attempt at social networking, Google+ is no less than stellar. But as you already know, the website is not available for the public yet and is under a closed beta phase which can only be accessed through invitations. But that didn't deter many people to want to get in into Google's social network. It was in such a high demand that Google even temporarily ceased handing out invites. Positive reviews about Google+ are also floating across the boards. So it seems that the search engine giant got a potential winner on their hands. If you are one of those lucky ones who have received an invitation to try out Google+, then we have a cool tip for you.

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Currently there is an unofficial way for you shorten and customize the URL of Google+ Profile. As of now, your Google+ Profile include a long string of numbers (e.g. which can be quite a hassle to remember. Fortunately for you, there is a web service called "Google Plus Nick" that allows you to create your own username for your Google+ profile and as well as effectively shortening it. It's a pretty useful service which should only take a few seconds to complete because you will only be needing to supply your Google+ ID (the long string of numbers) and your preferred "nick name." In order to take advantage of this service, simply navigate to this URL:

Google Plus Nick
Yes, this is pretty much like Facebook's vanity URL that was officially made a feature of the social networking site 2 years ago. We believe that a vanity URL of some sorts should be implemented to all social networks because it does not only make it easier for people to share their profile's URL but it also enables them to claim a little piece social real estate of their own.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial URL shortener of Google+ and it is not clearly operated by Google themselves although it should not come as a surprise if the company will implement an official solution in the future. But as of now, this is a pretty useful service to have that can certainly enhance your Google+ experience. So go ahead and grab that cool nick name of yours before someone does.

To learn more about Google+, we have a write-up that gives an overview of its main features.

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