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SuperSlider: Free Jailbreak Tweak that Quickly Launches an App from the Lock Screen

When it comes to jailbreak tweaks, some of the best ones that can really enhance the user experience are the types that helps the user to save time. And today, we have such a tweak for you. We all know that for a device like iPhone or iPod Touch that relies on multi-touch interface, we simply can't live without the lockscreen. But it can be quite jarring that sometimes you will need to unlock the screen just to have a quick look at a notification or an app. Wouldn't it be nice if you can access your most frequently used application from the lockscreen and save you a lot of time? Well fortunately, we have a tweak that does exactly that for you.

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Introducing the SuperSlider jailbreak tweak by Akhil Tolani (@saltbox). Just as mentioned before, this tweak allows you to access your favorite application from the lock screen. Once the tweak is installed, you will see an "Apple" icon right inside the slide to unlock bar. This icon acts as a quick shortcut so tapping on the Apple button will launch whatever application that's assigned to it.

You can assign any of your installed apps to the SuperSlider button which can be easily done by navigating to the Settings of the iOS. Any app should be working fine although there have been some user feedback that Cydia won't launch the application properly once the button is pressed. But this cases are quite rare so this particular tweak should work just fine.
SuperSlider Jailbreak Tweak
SuperSlider is a very useful app especially for those who wants a tweak that could enable them to save time and eliminate the tedium of having to unlock the screen multiple times just to access frequently used applications such as Mail or Safari. And best of all, this handy little tweak can be yours for free.

SuperSlider jailbreak tweak can be downloaded in Cydia for free.

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