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Skyfire VideoQ App: Watch Flash Videos on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch

When it comes to mobile operating systems, the iOS definitely comes out on top as one of the most favorites. People love Apple's mobile operating system for many different reasons but it is far from being perfect. One of the greatest flaw of the iOS that most people would cite is the lack of Flash support. This is a feature that Apple themselves didn't want to implement and it looks like it is not going to change anytime soon and for some people it can be a deal breaker. But here's an app that will let you watch Flash videos straight from your iOS device.

Skyfire VideoQ App
If you have been an iDevice owner for some time now, then most likely you've heard of Skyfire. Skyfire is known for their mobile browser that serves as an alternative aside from the iOS' native app. Now Skyfire just announced a new iOS app that will let iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to view Flash videos without the need of installing plugins or add-ons

The name of this new app is Skyfire VideoQ. So how does this app work? Basically this app allows Flash video playback from within the browser by decoding the video content and then the output is streamed back to the iOS device. The decoding is done in real time through Skyfire's own server. The process sounds more trouble that its worth but the decoding and playback are done rather effortlessly. Skyfire VideoQ is a separate app that you can buy over the iTunes App Store and that's all you'll ever need in order to play Flash videos from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. No Flash plugins or add-ons.
Skyfire VideoQ
In order start playing flash videos from your iPhone, you will need to register your email address first through the VideoQ app. Then after that, you will need to send the link of the video content over to Skyfire so that they can start decoding. This is done through the “Mail Link to this Page” option and sending it over to the following address:

After sending the link, the content will then decoded through Skyfire's servers and after only a few minutes, the video should then be queued so you can view it later using the VideoQ app. The app supports many major video sites like Hulu, Comedy Central, The Daily Show and many more. Skyfire claims that it supports over 200,000 websites and they are adding new ones on a daily basis.
Skyfire VideoQ 2
But the app is not yet perfect as there are quite a few caveats. First while it fully supports flash videos, it does not support other Flash contents such as games and applications. Quicktime videos may or may not work as VideoQ is designed mainly for playing Flash videos. Also the number of websites that are currently supported is still quite limited, but over time it should grow to a considerable number since the developers keep on adding new sites every day. Lastly, it may take as long as 10-20 seconds before the videos will load.

As the iOS becomes more popular, many websites are now adapting to HTML 5 so that it works with such devices. If you feel that you're mission out by not being able to play Flash videos on your iDevice, then Skyfire VideoQ should be for you.

Buy Skyfire VideoQ app from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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