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Photovine App for iPhone: Google’s New Photo Sharing Service [VIDEO]

If you have been closely following our blog, then you are more likely to be aware that social networking giant, Google has been really quite busy lately. Their latest and most notable effort to conquer all things digital is their new social networking website, Google+ which has been doing quite good currently. Now Google is about to launch yet another product that will furthermore increase the company's relevance on the social networking world. This it is an upcoming photo sharing service called Photovine.

Google Photovine
Here's a quick teaser of Google's Photovine:

Based on the rather short teaser, Photovine works like a photo sharing game. One user uploads a photo then tags it with a caption like "warm and fuzzy" then he or she shares it with her friends who will then upload their own photo in relation to the caption or theme. Such way of sharing photos is definitely in line with the marketing catch phrase of Photovine which is "Plant a photo, watch it grow".

Photovine is a community that’s about creating fun and unique collections of photos that we call Vines.

Photovine iOS
Photovine is not exactly a fresh concept so if Google wants users to have a massive exodus from other photo sharing apps such as Flickr or Facebook Photos to Photovine, then they will need to deliver something fresh in addition to excellent user experience. There is no announcement yet if Photovine will be integrated into Google+ but it would definitely make sense if they did.

Photovine is currently in a closed beta state and access to the service is strictly by invitation only. If you want to request for invites and add yourself to the presumably long waiting list, then head over to the Photovine website and leave your name and email address. To download Photovine and install in your iOS device, then you can get it for free in the iTunes App Store.

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