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OmniStat Widget: The Best Stat Widget for the iOS 5 Notification Center [Jailbreak Tweak]

Definitely one of the highlight's of last month's WWDC was the announcement of Apple's followup to their current iOS version 4, the iOS 5. In fact, when the beta 1 was announced and made available to those who have developer accounts, it was jailbroken in a matter of a few hours. And since then, dozens and dozens of jailbreak tweaks have been released by various developers. Based on the number of tweaks covering every aspect of the iOS 5, it seems jailbreak developers simply loves the iOS 5's new notifications system.

iOS 5 Logo
Called the Notification Center, this revamped notifications system features a pull-down interface where the notifications are placed. It gathered positive feedback because of how non-obtrusive it is compared to the present notifications. But this little pull-down drawer of the Notification Center is also the newest breeding ground for the creativity of many iOS developers as they developer third party widgets for it. It was only a matter of time before third part widgets starts flooding and some of them can be really fantastic.
OmniStat Widget iOS 5
Another new Notification Center widget tweak is set to impress us once more and the said widget is called the OmniStat widget. By the looks of it, OmniStat is probably one of the most useful iOS 5 widget that's currently published in Cydia.

One thing that you will immediately notice with OmniStat is the row of icons with various functionalities that enables users perform many actions directly from the Notification Center of the iOS 5 which conventionally can only be done when SBSettings or a similar application is installed. But just below the icons is where the good stuff actually lies.
OmniStat Widget iOS 5 2
The part of the screen just below the icons can actually be scrolled to both left and right directions and it will display (In order to be viewed properly, one should enable it from the Settings > Notifications) various basic information about your iPhone.

At the initial screen you will see the name of the device, model, disk space, OS version and so on:
OmniStat Widget iPhone Info
By swiping more to the right, you will access the second page of the OmniStat widget which will show more information about your device such as remaining battery percentage, IP Address, WiFi IP and Mac Address:
OmniStat Widget Battery Info
As you swipe more to the right, you will see a colorful pie chart which is a real-time representation of the RAM in your iOS device with various information such as amount of free ram, inactive, active and wired.
OmniStat Widget RAM
As you swipe yet again to the right, you will arrive at the last page of the OmniStat widget which is divided into two sections, first is the list of processes that are running in your device. Very useful for checking which applications are slowing down your device. And in the other section is the device's UDID.
OmniStat Widget Processes
No doubt, this is a very solid widget that offers a lot of functionalities for your device. Now it is still unclear whether Apple will allow third-party widgets for their Notifications Center but one can only hope so. OmniStat is current under beta but it is now currently available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo and best of all it is free. So if you are currently running a jailbroken iOS 5, then it is strongly recommended that you take this tweak for a spin, as it can really improve your user experience.

As it is stated above, in order to be able to try this widget-tweak you will need to have a jailbroken device that runs the iOS 5 beta. If you want some help on how to jailbreak your device on iOS 5 beta 2, then you can use our Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze guides. Both are unfortunately tethered as of now.

iOS 5 is set for release this fall but for the meantime if you have an iOS Dev Center account, then you can install iOS 5 beta 2. [via iPhoneItalia]

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