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The Mac OS X Lion was Downloaded More Than a Million Times on Day One

Last July 20, Mac fans all over the world found themselves with a new operating system software to play with because the Mac OS X Lion came roaring to the Mac App Store. The OS X Lion is the eight major release of the OS X and unlike its predecessor, Snow Leopard which is more of a stability upgrade, this Mac OS version features over 250+ new features. And now it looks like yet another Apple product is off to a great start. According to Apple, the Mac OS X Lion was downloaded more than 1 million times after only a day it was made available.

The release of the Mac OS X Lion marks the first time ever that a Mac OS X is available only in digital copies. Users who are wanting to buy a shiny new disc with OS X Lion in it are in for a disappointment because Lion is currently available through the Mac App Store only. But one could only conclude that this new distribution model enabled Apple to offer their latest operating system for only a mere $29.99. Which is certainly a steal if you are to take into account the new features that comes with Lion which makes it feel like a new line of operating systems.

According to a statement of Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, the OS X Lion is certainly one the most advanced operating system available today:

Lion is off to a great start, user reviews and industry reaction have been fantastic. Lion is a huge step forward, it’s not only packed with innovative features but it’s incredibly easy for users to update their Macs to the best OS we’ve ever made.

There are a couple of factors that can be taken into consideration that most likely contributed to the Mac OS X Lion's rapid adoption rate. First of course is the fact that it is only available digitally. It is not only convenient for all users but those who have been planning to buy a disc may have been forced to adopt Lion sooner. No matter how you look at, the new distribution model played quite favorably towards Apple.

Second factor of course is the price. The asking price of $30 is simply hard to beat considering that you will be getting a new overhauled operating system. It would be understandable with Snow Leopard because it didn't offer that much new features to the table. But with the case of Lion where it offers more than 250+ new features, $30 is a great value especially when you're getting the one of the most advanced operating system around.
Mac OS X Lion Desktop
If you do not have access to a fast broadband Internet to download more than 3GB of data, don't fret because Apple just announced that they will be offering bootable USB thumb drive installer of Mac OS X Lion. The only downside is that you will need to pay a little more extra because the said installers will cost you $69.

For those who hasn't upgraded yet, we highly recommend that you do so. The upgrade process is fairly simple although you will need to have your Mac running under Mac OS X 10.6.8 before you can migrate to Lion. [via Apple]

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