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iPhone Dev Team’s MuscleNerd Had His Google+ Account Suspended

Definitely one of the hottest topic in the tech industry is Google's latest offering to the world of social media, Google+. As of now, Google+ is still under beta but it has somehow garnered more than 10+ million users to sign up. So far so good, one can say that Google is doing great so far.

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Right from the outset, Google has been rather firm with enforcing a rule that users will have to register under their real name. Which means that no pen names, pseudonyms, avatar names, online handles and so on. As you can probably recall, just last week, hacktivist group Anonymous got their account suspended for not using a real name. Now, another high profile Internet personality had his Google+ account suspended, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team.

The news was brought to our attention though a tweet made by MuscleNerd a couple of hours ago informing us of the suspension. To which he also pointed to a write-up of Cydia developer, Jay Freeman aka Saurik:

Today, +MuscleNerd's Google+ account was suspended, as it was listed as "MuscleNerd ." (with a period as the last name: a common convention that probably led to the aforementioned outright banning of periods in names). Given how much attention +MuscleNerd was already getting on Google+, I think it will be very interesting to see how the reaction to his account having just disappeared today plays out.

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MuscleNerd is considered to be a celebrity with regards to the jailbreaking community as he is one of the core members of the iPhone Dev Team who brought to us popular jailbreak programs such as Redsn0w, Ultrasn0w and PwnageTool. For Google, they've suspended MuscleNerd as he was violating the rules. But this could create a backlash among the jailbreak community who have been actively following the famed jailbreak developer.

Aside from that, Saurik also pointed out that there are prominent netizens who prefers to use their online handle, not only for the sake of anonymity but also because people have known them entirely by their handles:

MuscleNerd, a very famous member of the iPhone Dev Team (with almost 230,000 followers on Twitter). MuscleNerd is an example of someone who is almost entirely known by his handle, a situation quite unlike the oft cited Lady Gaga: despite most people not recognizing her real name, we at least know that it is "Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta".

In this case, however, despite the fact that millions of people worldwide know who he is and hundreds of thousands of people care enough about what he says to follow him on Twitter, MuscleNerd's real name is something that most people, by a vast majority, not only would not recognize, but have never heard... despite having worked with him for years on various projects, I haven't even heard it.

It can be noted that this particular policy of using real names is also being implemented in Facebook, although not with the level of strictness that Google+ currently has. One can only imagine that these reports of Google driving people out even before the service has officially launched will not bode too well with Plus' future.

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