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Non-Working iPhone 4 Prototype For Sale in eBay for $2,000

If you have got some extra cash lying around and want to blow it on a non-working iPhone 4, then perhaps you should check out this prototype model that's currently up for auction in eBay. The said iPhone 4 prototype model is listed by the eBayer jtmaxo as "Apple iPhone 4 black APPLE GENUINE PROTOTYPE, TESTER." This is actually not the first time that an iPhone prototype has been offered in eBay but this might just be the first time that an early iPhone 4 model have been offered for auction outside the Far East.

iPhone 4 Prototype
So what makes this iPhone 4 model a "genuine" prototype? Probably the most standout feature of this prototype is the serial "DF1692" etched just beside the Homescreen button. This is actually a unique code that Apple uses so that it can easily track which test model belongs to which employee. So it is safe to say that whoever listed this iPhone 4 prototype is not actually the original Apple employee owner because this kind of stunt would get you in all sorts of legal trouble.
iPhone 4 Prototype Back
Another distinct feature that sets this prototype apart from the retail version is the lack of "+" and "-" labels in the volume buttons. Also there is no way of knowing just how much storage capacity this iPhone 4 has because there is no storage information (XXGB) found at the back of the device. Keep in mind that this prototype can't be activated through iTunes and it won't accept sim cards. At the item description, the seller said that this prototype is a GSM iPhone with a model number: XXXXX FCC ID: BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX.

You are bidding on black Apple iPhone 4 XXGB PROTOTYPE/TESTER. Please review all detailed pictures

I did removed rear cover to examine the internal parts and it looks just like any GSM iPhone, NO WATER DAMAGE, does not appear to be ever taken apart. Serial number does not appear to be valid according to

Sim tray has serial number and IMEI No, when I ran it through database it says that the iPhone is a tester.

Pytey tweet
This auction have been brought into attention through a twitter feed of iPhone Dev Team member pytey. There have been some information floating around that this model is actually pretty similar to Gizmodo's prototype last year in terms of hardware. But certainly it is different from the final retail version internally. The seller actually commented that he is an authorized Apple repairman and someone just brought it in and as expected it is beyond repair so he decided to put it up on sale.
iPhone 4 Prototype Vol Buttons
At the time of this writing, the auctions stands with 20 bids and the current highest bid is $2,025.00. Amusingly enough, it seems that many joy-bidders have set their eyes on this particular listing because the bid went as high as $26,000 and even a whopping $1 million. Eventually the seller had to step in and cancel all the illegitimate bids:

Due to non-legitimate bidders I am canceling “some” bidders and I am requesting all potential buyers to EMAIL ME FIRST. If you don’t email me OR If you don’t have “appropriate feedback” your bid will be cancelled. Thank you!

One has to wonder why would anyone want this when you can get a legitimate iPhone 4 which is completely functional at a fraction of the price. We know that the Apple branding is strong, but this is just beyond ridiculous. For avid collectors with way too much money maybe? The auction will be ending in 7 days, that is if Apple doesn't step in and have this auction disabled, either that or eBay administration will do it themselves. [via ThisIsMyNext]

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