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iOS 5 Beta 4 Now Available for Download, Developers Only

On July 11th, Apple rolled out the 3rd update for the iOS 5 which is currently under beta. But it hasn't even been 2 weeks and now Apple is pushing the fourth beta of iOS 5. That's right folks you can now download iOS 5 beta 4. For the record, Apple made the first beta on the 6th of June and the iOS 5 beta 2 in June 24. We haven't had the chance to play with the latest beta build of iOS 5 yet but judging the smaller timeframe of release, it should bring more improvements and bug fixes. Although, iOS 5 beta 4 does bring a new feature to the table.

Download iOS 5 Beta 4
iOS 5 beta 4 should be the first ever firmware update that is available through Over-The-Air updates. Yes, if you have a developers account and is on iOS 5 beta 3 and below, then you can take OTA updates for a spin. Simply access Settings from your device, go the General tab and select Software Updates.
OTA Updates iOS 5
OTA updates is one of the more prominent features of iOS 5 which was previewed by Apple last month during the WWDC. This is one of the most awaited feature of the iOS because it allows users to update or patch their device using WiFi or 3G which basically eliminates the need to connect your device to your computer each time a new firmware update is available. Coupled with the new WiFi Syncing in the iOS 5, users may soon have to bid farewell to the iconic white Sync Cable.

BGR was able to get their hands on the iOS 5 beta 4 full release notes, but just to quote some of the most notable changes:


  • Starting in iOS 5, video content in applications and websites are AirPlay-enabled by default.
  • iOS 5 supports AirPlay of video via AV Foundation.
  • Switching into AirPay Video while using mirroring will leave the screen black but the video is still playing.


  • NEW: iMessage beta 1 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 2 or later.

OTA Software Update

  • NEW: If you are doing a OTA software update from beta 3 to beta 4, you will need to re-sync your photos with iTunes.

Personal HotSpot

  • NEW:In this beta iPhone 4 device cannot join personal hotspot even if it is on due to a non functional WiFi tethering on these devices.


  • NEW: When tweeting your location from Safari and exiting before the location can be established, the location arrow will stay in the status bar. The arrow can be removed by killing Safari from the task switcher.

All users who have registered accounts in the iOS Dev Center are highly encouraged to update to iOS 5 beta 4 so you can not only provide feedback for Apple at the soonest time but you will be adjust your apps and make sure that it works with the new firmware update. If for any reason you can't use OTA updates, then don't worry because like with previous beta builds, you can download iOS 5 beta 4 via the iOS Dev Center.

iOS 5 jailbreakers may want to stay away from beta 4 for the meantime since there are no confirmation yet from the jailbreak community if this new beta can be jailbroken. Just a word of caution to those who are thinking of updating.

If you do not have a developer's account, then we're sure that someone will come up with a workaround so you can install it without a registered UDID in Apple's iOS Dev. Downloading the iOS 5 beta 4 IPSW is not a problem either because we're sure it's can be easily found with a simple Google search. But of course, we recommend that you go legit by enrolling an account in the iOS Dev Center. For only $99 a year, you'll have early access to iOS betas just like this. If you are an iOS enthusiast, then it's definitely worth the fee.

Download iOS 5 Beta 4 IPSW from the iOS Dev Center.

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