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How to Make Your Google+ UI Look Just Like Facebook?

Last Friday, Google unveiled their newest project which is a social networking website called Google+. Unfortunately if you want to give it a try, you will be needing an invitation. If somehow, you are one of the few lucky ones who have received an invite for Google+, then you would want to play around with it customization options. So what if, for any reason at all, you want Google+ to have an interface similar to Facebook?

Google Plus
Even since it was announced, Google+ has been touted by many users to be the "Facebook Killer" which is definitely a bold claim. It has been frequently compared  with leading social network, Facebook, both with its user interface and its focus. Over a few days, many people have been working on the customization aspects of Google+. Some users even managed to make Google+'s interface to look like Facebook.
Google Plus Default
Designer Fabio Giolito, utilizing some of his CSS skills, have created a theme that's meant to emulate the user interface of the world's most popular social network. The theme can be installed as a userstyle userscript or as an addon for Stylish, a plugin for Firefox /Chrome. For Internet Explorer and Opera users, they will need to install the script. Here's how to install the theme using the Stylish extension:

  1. Launch either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, then download and install the Stylish extension. Download Stylish extension from Mozilla's Add-On Site for Firefox users, and Google’s Extension Marketplace for Chrome users.
  2. After properly installing the Stylish extension (Firefox will require a restart after installation), head over to this page in order to get the theme.
  3. Now log into your Google+ account to see the changes. Now your Google+ interface should be now convincingly similar to that of Facebook, with the default dark theme replaced with the recognizable blue interface.

Google Plus After
What's neat is, Google+'s functionality remains intact. While this is indeed a cool theme and it showcases Google+'s customizability, it is doubtful that may who will be switching from Facebook would actually want this theme. To see the before and after images of this new theme from Giolito as well as the css code, then head over at his Github account.

A few days ago, we have reported that this new design scheme of Google+ is slowly making its way into other Google's product, such as Gmail and Google Calendar. Google's very own take to social networking have been making the headlines for the past few days and demands for the service have been so high that Google decided to halt the handing out new invites.  Hopefully, Google can capitalize on this initial public interest and launch a product that's a worthy competitor to the social network industry. [via Mashable]

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