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Hacker Group Anonymous to Build New Social Network After Google+ Ban

If you have been following the tech industry news lately, then you should be aware of the hacking incidents that happened over the span of many months. There are two group who have been headlining the news for quite some time now, Anonymous and Lulz Security (LulzSec). While the latter have already disbanded, some of its members have actually joined with members of Anonymous and formed AntiSec. And now, the hacktivist group is now creating their own social network called Anon+.

Anonymous Guy Fawkes Mask
This is after the group's official account in Google+ was banned for allegedly violating the social network's community policy. According to a blog post from Anonymous' spokesperson:

As some of you know we got banned from Google+  due to some of our content. What we didn’t know at the time is that we were just one of a handful of Anonymous accounts that was silenced. This is the sad fact of what happens across the internet when you walk to a different beat of the drum.

This is followed by a threat that the group will be organizing an operation against Google's yet to be officially launched social networking website. Based on past incidents, this "operation" means that they will hack into Google's services and either steal a couple of login information and leak them into the wild or have the services disrupted. But before that, it seems that the group decided to create a social network of their own which according to them will never be "shut down, censored, or oppressed."

We’ve all heard the stories of activists being banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube,  and governments blocking their people from these sites as well through organized black outs. That day has came to an end. Not only did a few people organized an Operation ageist Google+, but we have started to build our own Social Network.

This is one social network that will not tolerate being shut down, censored, or oppressed - even in the face of blackout.  We the people have had enough…enough of governments and corporations saying what’s best for us - what’s safe for our minds.

Anon Plus
While there are still no news that Google's services have been attacked, it has been confirmed that Anonymous has already taken some initial steps in order to make way for their planned social network. They have already made an info dump site which would serve to dispense information. The group advises that the main website should be up anytime soon. The website is targeted to all internet users not just for hackers or those that supports anonymous. The group stated that the site is for those who wants a "better Internet."

It is doubtful whether this particular social network could ever compete with the likes of Facebook and Google+ or if it could even attract users outside the influence of the group. But considering that the group has quite a a lot of followers, membership should reach a decent number. Anyone who supports the cause of Anonymous should find something to like about this upcoming social network.

Anonymous is a hacking collective that organizes attacks against high profile companies with motives that are mostly politically inclined. One of the most notable incident these past months is when the group attacked Sony's Playstation Network which went down for about three weeks. Over these past few months, several said to be members of Anonymous have been arrested and charged with cybercrimes.

There is no official word yet from the group when the official site will be launched but they gave an assurance they will have it up as soon as possible. [via Wired]

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