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Google+ Sees a 3% Decline in Traffic, Are Users Losing Interest?

If you have been paying attention to the social media industry, then it would hard to miss the fact that just last month search engine behemoth Google just launched their latest offering to social networking, Google+. The new social networking delivered some pretty impressive numbers as it had managed to attract about 10 million+ registered users in just less than two weeks. Making it the fastest growing social networking service that ever existed. A very impressive feat considering that the service hasn't even officially launched to the public yet. But about a month after it has been made available for beta, was Google+ able to maintain its momentum?

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According to the numbers released by Experian Hitwise, a traffic measuring company that's based in New York, Google+'s numbers have experienced a slight decline in numbers. According to the numbers, the new social network has a traffic decline of 3% since last week. Although not really considered to be a significant drop and too small of a number to be considered a trend, this could be an indication that most users have the found that the shininess of Google+ is starting to wear off.

The said 3% decline in Google+'s hits is from 1.89 to 1.79 million. Usage time has also started to dwindle a bit as it had dropped about 10% from 5 min 60 sec to 5 min and 15 sec which is about 45 sec on average. But still the amount of hits had grown about 283% since launch which is definitely an impressive growth for a relatively new social network.
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The meteoric rise on the number Google+ users can be attributed to the fact that it is a fairly new service, simply put everyone wanted to check what's up with Google's latest social networking effort. It can also be that people are already actively looking for an alternative to Facebook and the deemed Google+ to be a worthy competitor. As with all product or service launch, hits and usage are bound to decline after the initial rise in numbers.

One can only expect that the number of hits and activity will also rise once Google will finally open Plus to the general public but that is not a guarantee. As we have discussed last time, in order for Google+ to maintain their momentum, they have to offer a service that is not merely an alternative to Facebook. They have to break new grounds and offer something new to the social networking table in order to keep users excited enough to keep coming back for more.

There is no doubt that Google certainly has a potential winner on their hands with Google+ but it still remains to be seen if it can compete directly with the reigning champ, Facebook. It all lies now in the hands of Google whether or not Plus continues to become majorly relevant to the world of social media.

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