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Google+ Has Over 10 Million Registered Users, Expected to Hit 20 Million by the End of the Week

A little more than a week ago, if you have been following our blog, then you should be well aware of Google's latest venture into the arena of social networking, Google+. Google+ is currently in beta which means that it is not yet accessible to the general public and the only way you can sign-up is to be invited. After a few days after its beta was announced, Google had to suspend handing out invitations because the demand was simply too high. Apparently, it seems that everyone just wants to take an early bite of the Google+ pie.

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With Google+ being well received by netizens, it is quite clear that Google has a potential winner on their hands. As if that wasn't impressive enough, a recently published research by Paul Allen from, indicates that there are now a total of more than 10 million users registered to Google's latest social network offering. According to ReadWriteWeb:

To determine these figures, Allen used surname-based analysis, a tactic he’s quite familiar with from the years he spent at His model uses U.S. Census Bureau data about surname popularity in the U.S. and compares it to the number of Google Plus users with each surname. He also split the U.S. users from the non-U.S. users in his analysis, since Google Plus is open in international markets, too.

Allen used a sample of 100 to 200 surnames to estimate the total percentage of the U.S. population who has signed up for Google Plus. He then used that number and a calculated ratio of U.S. to non-U.S. users (one U.S. user for every 2.12 non-U.S. users) to generate his worldwide estimates.

There is no official word on Google yet with regards to these numbers. Allen claims that his estimates are sound. The service launched on June 28, 2011, according to Allen's estimates the user count ballooned to 1.7 million on July 4 and five days later the numbers were pegged at 4.5 million users. By the time weekend comes, the current numbers can easily double which means we are looking at 20 million Google+ users by the end of the week.
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But according to Allen, the impressive growth of Google+ is no way an indication that it has now become a legitimate threat to the king of social networking, Facebook. This is of course taking into account that Facebook already has an established userbase of 750 million strong.

Facebook investors and employees will be very happy to see that the vast majority of their active users are happy at Facebook, and most of them haven't even heard of Google+ yet," writes Allen. "So even though Google's growth is staggering, there is a huge loyal Facebook following who may not see a need to switch," he says.

This surge of popularity of Google+ is highly likely due to the curiosity of the users. It could be possible that most users see Google+ as a shiny new toy. If Google wants to maintain the interest of Google+ registrants, then they have to show that they have goods in order to make their service a regular habit. If not, then most people would most probably abandon their Google+ account, return to Facebook and call it a day. Google is planning to integrate Gmail with Google+ which makes sense since it has about 200 million users. Although there is no guarantee that all of them will be using Google's latest social network offering. Based on this numbers, it seems that Google is off to a good start. Whether or not the interest of current Google+ users will remain intact once the novelty wears off, is entirely up to Google. [via ReadWriteWeb]

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