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Dreamboard, Get Advanced Theming Solution for iPhone Now for Free

When it comes to theming customization for the iPhone, definitely the go-to solution would be Winterboard. But theming enthusiasts would find the Winterboard to be very limited. Fortunately back in March this year, a new theming alternative was introduced to the jailbreak community that promises advanced theming for the iPhone. The name of the app is Dreamboard, a dynamic theme manager that promises advance theme customization options that is simply not possible with Winterboard. Originally available in Cydia for $2.99 but now Dreamboard can be yours for FREE.
DreamBoard Theming Platform
Here are some of the standout features of Dreamboard:

  • No Respring Required

You will no longer need to respring or reboot your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. The app will load the themes within seconds.

  • Quick Theme Switching

You can switch between your current theme and another theme within seconds. A simple swipe and tap does the job.

  • No Extra Tweaks

One of the biggest flaws with Winterboard themes is that they require other tweaks to work alongside them to give users what they want to see. This is daunting for users because they may need to purchase the tweaks, waste valuable time setting them up, and expend even more time searching for the more obscure iOS edits. Dreamboard requires no external addons so the user does not have to download, or buy, another tweak.

  • Independent Theme Store

Dreamstore allows you to purchase themes straight from your device without going through all the hassle of SSH.

Download Dreamboard Themes
Since it was released, Dreamboard became a very popular alternative theming solution to Winterboard. One of the biggest advantage of using Dreamboard is that unlike in Winterboard, it gives you the ability to switch themes without having to respring or reboot your iDevice. And also, Dreamboard offers deep UI customizations without the need for any addons or any other jailbreak apps. With Dreamboard, you will be able to radically change the look of your iPhone's user interface. You can even install a theme to make your UI look exactly like with Android or Windows Phone 7.

Check out this video from iPhoneDownloadBlog on how advanced the theming options are with Dreamboard:

When Dreamboard was released, the developers charged $2.99 for a beta build. Which is kind of off-putting considering that beta builds are usually riddled with bugs. A common complaint about Dreamboard is that it suffers from random crashes but despite that, it garnered numerous positive reviews from critics and users. This latest update of Dreamboard enables support for lockscreens.

So if you are looking for a good alternative to Winterboard, then Dreamboard comes highly recommended, especially now that it is free. [via iDB]

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