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Download GClient for Windows: Access Your Google+ Account Directly From Your Desktop

Just a few weeks ago, the world of social networking was introduced to Google+, Google's latest effort to make itself relevant to the social media industry. In case you do not know, Google+ is currently in beta and the only way you can sign-up for an account is through invitations only. Despite being in beta, Google+ has already amassed for than 10 million+ registered users. If you are one of the lucky ones who got into the beta, then you know just how well implemented the interface of Google+ is. But what if you want to access Google+ right from your desktop?

Google Plus Logo
Fortunately, software developer Abelssoft has made an unofficial Google+ client which you can access directly from your desktop. The name of the software is GClient. Getting GClient up and running is quite fairly simple. Note that this client is only for Windows.

Our free application GClient integrates into the windows tray. Clicking on it will display a handy window showing your latest Google+ activities. This window allows you to post messages and to follow the activity of your circles.

GClient allows you to perform all major tasks of Google+ without having to visit the website.

Glient Registration
First you will have to download the software of the client (download link is provided below) and install it like any other regular software. Upon running software, right off the bat you will be asked for a license code which is obtainable for free but you will have to supply your email and full name. Don't worry because this company has a good track record. Upon supplying the required details, you will receive the codes almost immediately. Just enter the unlock code you've received into the software. This is a onetime process only, after this you should be able to use GClient freely.
GClient Login
The app will then ask you for your login details, so go ahead and enter that and you should be able to login into the app after that. The GClient will now run in the background and it should be displayed as an icon inside your taskbar. If you want to terminate the app properly, just look for it from your taskbar, right click and Exit.
GClient Home
As you can see from the screenshots, this Google+ client closely resembles the mobile application that was released for Android and iOS. One could even say that this is a direct clone of the Google+ mobile app. Quite impressively, the client is fully functional. Right down from the Streams, to the Check-In feature, to the adding and commenting on a new post and you can even add a +1 to them. Just like the mobile version though, you won't be able to access Hangouts and Huddles. The client also provides a function to view your account in Desktop mode which basically opens your default browser and opens your Google+ account.
GClient Share With
GClient gives Google+ users a quick way to conveniently check or update their profile as well as the activities of people in their circles. Although it does have a couple of glitches. Like each time the client minimizes, it automatically goes into the Stream view when brought up again which can become fairly annoying. You also cannot resize the client's window.

Of course, once Google releases an official Google+ API, then this becomes useless but for the meantime GClient is very useful software especially if you have come to love the interface of the official mobile app.

Download GClient for Windows.

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