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Apple’s Mac OS X Lion to be Unleashed Tomorrow July 20 at the Mac App Store

If you have been paying attention to Apple last month during the WWDC, then you know that the company unveiled three of its main software offering, the iOS 5, the iCloud service and finally the next major version of Apple's desktop operating system, the Mac OS X Lion. Since it was announced, Apple has seeded several developer's preview build to those who have an account with Mac Dev Center. During today's announcement of Apple's Q3 2011 earnings, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer has confirmed that the OS X Lion will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, July 20.

Mac OS X Lion
This release date solidifies Apple's announcement during the WWDC that the Mac OS X Lion will be shipped sometime in July. The announcement in Apple's quarterly earnings was later confirmed by Apple COO Tim Cook. So if you are one of millions of Mac users that's planning to upgrade to OS X Lion, then you'd better get you $30 ready because that's what will cost you for the upgrade.

So why should you upgrade to Mac OS X Lion? Well unlike the OS X Snow Leopard which is an upgrade for Leopard and was intended for improved performance and efficiency, the OS X Lion is actually an overhaul of the Mac OS. The Lion includes numerous new major features that should definitely provide a new experience for fans of Mac. According to Apple, the main goal of the OS X Lion was to port several key features that's found in the iPhone and iPad. Here are some of the new features that you can expect from the Mac OS X Lion:

Mac OS X Lion Features:

  • Launchpad: This particular feature was lifted directly from the iPad. Instead of launching the apps through Finder or Stacks, the Launchpad provides an even faster and more intuitive way of launching applications. The Launchpad's grid-like layout closely resembles the one that's found in the iOS. Applications are grouped per pages which can be browsed through swiping.
  • Lion Launchpad

  • Full Screen Apps: This is yet another feature that was ported from the iPad. Now you can work with an application without being distracted since they can now be viewed in full screen. Swiping the trackpad allows you to easily switch applications without ever leaving the full screen feature.
  • Lion Full Screen Apps

  • Mission Control: This particular feature is a heaven-sent for frequent multi-taskers. Mission control gives you the ability to easily view every application that's currently running in your machine through a nifty bird's-eye view. During Mission Control, all of your apps and processes will be neatly grouped by application and will be thumbnailed.
  • Lion Mission Control

According to Apple, the Mac OS X Lion will have 200+ new features that will surely improve and add to the overall experience of Mac users. Based on previews, the Lion is shaping up to be the best Mac OS yet, all for the reasonable price of $30. But if you are hoping to purchase a physical installer for Lion in retail stores, then you are going to be disappointed. Unlike previous OS X versions, Lion is only available through digital download via the Mac App Store.

Keep in mind that before you can upgrade to Lion, you will need to need to have updated to the minimum of Mac OS X 10.6.6, but if you can, it's recommended that you go all the way with the latest update which is Mac OS X 10.6.8.

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