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Apple Will Be Selling Low-End iPhones for $350, Alongside the iPhone 5 / 4S in September [RUMOR]

As you all probably know by now, news and rumors about Apple's hardware lineup have been highly ubiquitous lately. Bulk of these news and rumors are of course mostly about Apple's follow-up to its very popular smartphone, the iPhone 5. And now, our rumor of the day comes from industry insider Jonathan Geller, editor-in-chief of BoyGeniusReport. According to a report of BGR, they have a high credible source who claims that the Cupertino company, alongside its next gen iPhone offering will still continue to sell its current iPhone models, the iPhone 4 and a modified 3GS.

iPhone 4
This particular rumor coincides with past rumors that Apple is planning to release a cheaper iPhone model which is catered towards consumers with lower budgets and for developing countries. This low-end iPhone model, according to the report will be retailed for about $350 without a carrier contract. Keep in mind that the current iPhone retails for about $600 - $700 without contract. So this should be a good option for those who doesn't want to pay for monthly carrier fees. According to BGR, this low-end iPhone model might in fact turn out to be the iPhone 3GS.

Another interesting bit about this rumor is that Apple is also planning to keep selling its current model, iPhone 4 even way after the next gen iPhone is released. If the 3GS will keep selling, then why not the iPhone 4 right? So if this rumor turns out to be true, Apple will end up with a three-tier product line. So common sense dictates that based on the three tiered pricing, the 3GS will be the low-end phone, the current iPhone 4 will be the mid range and finally the next iPhone, whether it is called iPhone 5 or 4S will serve as the high end product.
iPhone 3GS
There have been several rumors that points to the possibility that Apple will offer more than one product but there was no indication that the company will keep on selling the 3GS which should be way past its life cycle being more than 2 years old. Although this makes sense for Apple since the 3GS is still supported by its upcoming iOS 5 which should provide up to date features for the aging handset.

Also according to the report, the next iPhone will be launched or at least be announced at around late August.

If this rumor is any indication, this should give Apple a full range of devices which covers the low, mid and high end pricing. And add to this the rumors that the company will be adding T-Mobile and Sprint as iPhone carriers, it looks like Apple will not be taking it easy and is determined to keep its dominance of the smartphone market. [via BGR]

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