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Apple Set to Add Another Contractor to Meet High Demands for iPad 2 Plus?

Just last week, we have reported to you a new and improved version of the iPad will be released by Apple by the end of the year. To add to that particular bit of news, taiwan based tech insider Digitimes now claims that it is highly likely that in addition to Foxconn Electronics, Apple will allegedly add another manufacturing contractor in order to meet the demands for the new iPad HD this coming fall.

iPad HD
Originally, the iPad tablets is only outsourced to Foxconn which based on Chengdu, western China. But just last May there have been an unfortunate accident in one of Foxconn's factory buildings which have reportedly claimed three lives. So one can only assume that this is Apple's way of having preventive measures in order to ensure that the new iPad will have a smooth launch. According to industry sources in Taiwan, there are two candidates who are highly likely to fill in that spot for Apple, Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology.

Apple reportedly plans to add a second manufacturer for iPad 3 tablet PCs in addition to Foxconn Electronics with Taiwan-based Quanta Computer and Petagron Technology being indicated as the potential contenders for the possible orders, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Pegatron, which reportedly have landed iPhone 5 orders from Apple, stands a better chance of winning the iPad 3 orders, the sources noted.

iPad 3
If Apple is indeed planning to release a new version of the iPad, then based on the company's past product launches, the demand will surely be at an all-time high. Unfortunately, not of all those product launches went silky smooth. If we are going to cite the launch of Apple's latest tablet, the iPad 2 was met with production bottleneck which in turn caused the company to not being able to meet the initial high demand during its launch. So this move of adding a new manufacturing contractor makes sense for Apple in order to prevent any likelihood of production mishaps.

Over the past weeks and even months, we have encountered many rumors that Apple will be releasing an update to its current popular tablet. It goes by many different names like the iPad HD, iPad 2 Plus and iPad 3. This rumored upgrade to the current iPad will feature better resolution than the current iPad 2, sporting a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display. This "high end" iPad 2 will be geared towards enthusiasts who are into professional photo or video production. With that said, there is only thing that's for sure. We can only expect that it will be the most expensive tablet once it hit the stores.

If Apple is indeed going to be releasing an upgrade to the iPad 2, then we can expect that it will be announced this coming fall.

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