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Apple Planning to Release a 15-inch Ultra-Thin Macbook

According to a report by MacRumors, Apple is working on a device that will be categorized as a notebook. The device is said to be released in the future as a part of the MacBook Pro product line and is now in the last phasing stages over at Apple HQ. This particular rumor does make sense due to the fact Apple has quietly phased out its 13-inch plastic MacBook to be replaced by the 11-inch MacBook Air as part of its entry level offering in the company's portable Mac lineup.

MacBook Pro
This is part of Apple's revamping of its notebook lineup for these past two years. The introduction of the MacBook Air to the market and with its slick and slim design have attracted the attention of the mainstream market although it was originally offered and priced as a premium product. Due to the continued popularity of the MacBook Air with the mainstream market, the prices were dropped to as low as $999. And this effectively makes the old plastic low-end Macbook, a redundant product.

The "thinner is better" design trend is no doubt working great for Apple and people won't certainly be surprised if the design scheme will find its way into the MacBook Pro product line. Which means that in order to implement the new thinner design, Apple has to phase out the optical drive with current MacBook Pro, and its hard drive will be replaced by integrated solid state drive. Phasing out the optical drive is a move from Apple that won't be really that surprising. The recent Mac Mini has done away with physical discs as it has no optical drive present.
MacBook Air
Phasing out optical drives or physical media in general seems to be the agenda of the Cupertino-based company so that they can put their online stores at the center stage. This is evident with the latest Mac OS X offering from Apple which is the Mac OS X Lion. The Lion is only available through the Mac App Store and has completely done away with any physical discs installer. Seeing as the Mac OS X Lion was able to reach a milestone of more that 1 million downloads on its first day and of course, add to it the company's  recent efforts to go wireless with services like iCloud, it won't be surprising if Apple decides to be rid of physical media once and for all.

If this ultra-thin 15-inch Mac notebook turns out to be real, then it would directly compete with Intel's partners as they launch their new Ultrabook notebooks.

Overall, the possibility of an ultra-thin 15-inch Mac notebook is indeed within the realm of the plausible seeing as they have already phased out the plastic Macbook. So it is only natural for Apple to fill that void in its product line. But still it remains to be seen if the new Mac notebook will do away with physical drives though. [via MacRumors]

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