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Apple is Looking to Release a Cheaper iPad This Year [RUMOR]

Next to the iPhone 5, many rumors have been popping out for Apple's iPad tablet as well. During these past months, we have been hearing several rumors that the Cupertino company will start manufacturing devices that will target consumers with lesser budgets as well as developing countries. These sort of rumors regarding low-end Apple products seems to be quite prevalent with the iPhone. One rumor even suggests that Apple will be releasing two iPhones in the future and one will be an entry-level model. But it seems that the "cheaper" Apple product rumor is not only exclusive to the iPhone but with the iPad as well.

iPad 2
As you all know, Apple has just recently released the iPad 2 during March this year. Not even a year into its life cycle and there have been many rumors and speculations that the Cupertino company is already working on its tablet follow-up, the iPad 3. But a new rumor has surfaced which indicates that Apple may have been working to launch a cheaper iPad model this year.

This report came from Taiwan-based IT insiders, Digitimes:

Taiwan-based IC design houses Novatek Microelectronics, Richtek Technology, Capella Microsystems (Taiwan) and Integrated Memory Logic (iML) have reportedly entered the supply chain for iPad 3, according to industry sources.

Apple is now more willing to adopt IC solutions from Taiwan-based IC design houses as it is adjusting the cost structure for iPad tablets in order to compete with an array of tablet PCs to be launched by rivals in the second half of 2011, commented the sources.

iPad 2 White
Based on the report, Apple will be bringing along several new component manufacturers into its stable such as Novatek Microelectronics, Richtek Technology, Capella Microsystems and Integrated Memory Logic, in order to help in dropping the manufacturing cost of the iPad. This of course doesn't go well with another rumor that we have reported in the past that Apple is working on an upgrade to the iPad 2 which is dubbed as the iPad HD or iPad Plus which is targeted for professional video editors.

It has been about 5 months since the iPad 2 was made commercially available. It sold quite well and received quite a number of critical acclaims both from critics and users alike. It was thinner and lighter than the first iPad and not mention that it is much beefier under its hood with a dual core A5 Chip as its processor. One could only think that it is still too early for Apple to release a follow-up to its tablet but even so it is likely that we will seeing a new iPad this year. We are quite sure however that along with the iPhone 5, Apple will be launching some form of the iPad this year. Whether it is an upgrade or a cheaper version, we can only wait and see in order to find out.

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