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Keyboard Case for iPad 2: Use Your iPad Like a MacBook Pro

For many people, the lack of physical keyboard can be quite a deal breaker when it comes to the iPad. Although it just takes a matter of getting used to, some people simply prefers to have tactile feedback that comes with their key presses. If you are one of those people who prefers to have a physical keyboard, then you might want to check out this gadget. The Aluminium Keyboard Buddy Case For iPad 2 might just be the gadget that you have been waiting for so you can finally have a reason to buy an iPad 2.

Aluminium Keyboard Case for iPad-2
Basically this keyboard case acts as an elaborate Bluetooth keyboard which enables you to use your iPad like a netbook. Apple does offer an external Bluetooth keyboard for a more convenient typing experience, but it is not nearly as functional or stylish as this one. First here's the features of keyboard case for iPad 2:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish that matches the iPad 2
  • Innovative low profile stand has no moving parts and holds iPad 2 securely in either profile or landscape orientation
  • Military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection
  • Stylish, thin and lightweight. Half as thin as most folios for the iPad 2
  • Island-style keys engineered to provide maximum typing room
  • Large, flat base allows for use on a soft or uneven surface such as a lap or on a bed
  • Embedded wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard
  • Special function keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, etc.
  • Remove the iPad 2 from the Keyboard Case and your iPad 2 automatically wakes up. Place it back and your iPad 2 goes to sleep.

Aluminium Keyboard Case for iPad-2
Just one look at the product and you can see that it is a very well made. The stylish exterior and the attention to detail that has been given to it looks to be a great match for the sleek look of the iPad 2. Even the keyboard design is very similar to that of a MacBook Pro although it was made to be a lot more compact to match the size of the iPad 2.

Latching your iPad 2 into this Keyboard Case does give an experience that's very similar to using a netbook. You can even carry the iPad together with the keyboard with no fuss. Another neat feature of this Bluetooth keyboard is that when you slide down the iPad to the keys, it automatically locks the device. On the other hand, if you slide the iPad back up, it automatically turns the power on. Doing this also seems to entirely skip the Lockscreen which is a minor but useful feature. Check out this neat video of Keyboard Case for iPad 2:

Setting up this neat keyboard gadget is about as easy as pairing a Bluetooth device with your iPad. You will just have to toggle the On and Connection buttons on the keyboard then head over to your iPad's Settings and go to General > Bluetooth. The iPad should recognize the keyboard and you can start typing away. Here's a quick start guide in video form:

You can buy Aluminium Keyboard Buddy Case For iPad 2 for $49.90. [via M.I.C. Gadget Store]

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