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This Tweak Allows You to Add Windows 8 Logon Screen Clock to Your Windows 7 Desktop

If you have been following the news regarding Microsoft lately, then you are most likely aware of its next major operating system release, Windows 8. One of the most interesting departure from the old Windows design is the logon screen. Instead of the old logon screen, you will see that a prominent digital clock along with the dates have taken its place. If you find that particular feature to be cool in any way, then we are pleased to tell you that you can port it (sort of) to your Windows 7 or Vista PC.

Windows 8 Logon Screen
To make it clear, this particular customization tweak doesn't actually modify your logon screen, instead the giant digital clock will be shown in your desktop. So how can you port over this neat little feature to your W7 or Vista computer? Well here are the requirements to run this tweak:

  • Windows 7 (with aero), Windows Vista (with aero)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows 8 M3 Blue wallpaper

In order to install W8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7, you simply need to download a small zipped file (download link below). Once the file is unzipped, simply run the executable that comes with the file. The clock will immediately appear in your desktop. And that's pretty much it. You can see that there will a new item from this tweak added to your icon tray which allows the user to terminate the program anytime. This is a portable application so you will not need to install anything, you just need to run the executable.
W8 Clock Whole screen
The tweak does have a few drawbacks. First, the space that's occupied by the W8 can't be manipulated in any way which means you can't drag icons around it and you can't even right-click over the clock. Second is that whenever you toggle the Show Desktop function, the clock also hides itself, which seems to be counter-productive. Another one is, there seems to be no way of enabling the clock at startup which means you will need to open the executable for each reboot. Although you can add it by manually adding the executable to your machine's Startup folder.
W8 Clock
Microsoft's Windows 8 is the company's next major OS offering and a legitimate successor to its highly successful Vista. From the looks of it, it seems that Microsoft is catering Windows 8 towards touch interface fans with touch-friendly user interface that's found on their Windows Phone 7. Windows 8 looks like it will be major overhaul of the Windows we know with tons of new features and customizations. One notable feature that's present with the new Windows 8 is that all applications will have a full-screen view. Other features includes a New Welcome Screen, Modern Task Manager, Portable Workspaces, Ribbons in Window Explorer and their Microsoft's own Windows App Store similar to the iOS and Mac. We expect to hear more announcements regarding Windows 8 later this year.

While the W8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 doesn't exactly emulate the feature that's found in Windows 8, this is still a pretty interesting tweak that give you a slight sneak preview of the features that you can expect with W8.

You can download W8 Desktop Clock for Windows 7 from deviantART user yvidhiatama's account here.

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    Mark10 years, 3 months ago

    hi guys, Im having issues with my /windows explorer after installing this. How can i uninstall? thanks