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WiFi Booster Jailbreak Tweak: Boost WiFi Signal Strength On Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

One reason people love to jailbreak their iDevice is because of all the cool tweaks that not only improves the overall user experience but also adds more various functionalities. Now we have here a pretty cool tweak that can boost the WiFi signal strength of your iPhone.

WiFi Booster
This Cydia tweak is called WiFi Booster. As the name of the tweak suggests, this boosts your signal strength by making some slight changes to your device's WiFi capabilities. Apple has put a limitation to the number of WiFi hotspots that your iPhone can detect. This is supposedly to prevent users from connecting to WiFi networks that are already too far away. By installing WiFi Booster this particular limitation is lifted which means that every available hotspot network will now be visible and can be selected.

Another feature that this particular tweak can offer is that users can also check the MAC address of the router that is behind a certain network. This will be visible under the network name if you check in WiFi Networks under settings.

As this is a tweak that is available through Cydia, you will need to a jailbroken iOS device before you can install WiFi Booster. As with all tweaks that are not approved by Apple, jailbreaking your device voids your warranty. So before you attempt to jailbreak, be sure that you have basic jailbreaking skills and know how to restore it. WiFi Booster also works with iOS 5 beta.

WiFi Booster is available in Cydia for $1.99. [via iSpazio]

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