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Scoble: Twitter Will Be Built Deeply Into The iOS 5

If anyone can recall, there have been a report from TechCrunch that claims that the micro-messaging service Twitter will be integrated into the iOS 5. The report claims that users will be able to share their photos directly to Twitter from their iPhone's camera application. Now another source has spoken that further solidifies the claims about this rumored partnership between Twitter and Apple.

Twitter iOS 5
The source in question is the renowned video blogger and tech evangelist, Robert Scoble. Scoble has tweeted that aside from the rumored integration of Twitter into iOS 5, he added that the popular micro-messaging service will actually be built deeper into Apple's next mobile operating system.

Next week will be a huge week for those of us who have lived on Twitter for last few years. Apple is building Twitter in deeply into iOS5.

Twitter in iOS 5
In order to respond to commenters, Scoble has made some follow-up tweets saying he's actually "in-the-know" when it comes to the plans of Apple but he's not aware of the specific details. However, he knows for a fact that the integration will not be limited to photos and "lame Send to Twitter buttons."

I know someone who built the Twitter integration into iOS 5 and I believe him when he says I'll love it.

Apple has already confirmed that they will go into the details of the upcoming iOS 5 in a keynote that will be presented by Steve Jobs himself in this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. So expect to hear more about this rumored Twitter integration with the iOS 5.

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