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Rumor: Apple’s Mac OS X Lion Set For a June 14 Release?

With the WWDC 2011 kicking off tomorrow, there is a newly surfaced rumor that the next major release of the OS X, the Mac OS X Lion will have a June 14 release date. According to the report of 9to5mac, they came in contact with sources that claims while there is no certainty that the Lion will release on June 14, but they do believe that there is a strong possibility.

Mac OS X Lion (Release Date)
According to 9to5Mac:

Apple is said to be planning one of their product launch-indicative “visual updates” for the morning of Tuesday, June 14th. Sources tell 9to5Mac that this particular overnight will feature a new store-front window in addition to other signage-related changes within the retail store. These particular changes are different than the ones planned for Tuesday, June 7 – the day after WWDC. While we do not know what June 7?s changes are, we think the launch of Apple’s 2011 back to school promotion is a strong possibility.

The speculations for June 14 release date of the Lion are fueled by the fact that Apple will most likely minimize their software presence on that particular day. Back in February, Apple has already been considered to removing boxed software from retail store. This could also mean that Snow Leopard will be removed from Apple's retail outlet as well. Since the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be exclusively released only in digital format through the Mac App Store, removal of software from the retail outlets will pose no problem for Lion consumers.
Mac OS X Lion (iOS Based)
Also according to 9to5Mac's sources, the supply numbers of Mac OS X Snow Leopard are also decreasing which adds more plausibility to the speculated June 14 release of the Mac OS X Lion. With regards to this rumor, anything is yet to confirmed, as of now the June 14 release date stands as a "good possibility."

Apple had already publicly announced that Lion is set to be released this summer. Well tomorrow at the WWDC 2011, Apple is set to shed more light to its next generation operating system, so it is likely that we shall be given a release date. Along with the Mac OS X Lion, Apple has also confirmed that they will unveil the iOS 5 and iCloud as well.

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