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Rumor: Apple’s iCloud Service To Be Used Together With Time Capsule?

If you have been following our blog, just last week we reported that Apple confirmed that they will be unveiling the iOS 5, iCloud and the Mac OS X Lion during Steve Jobs' keynote this Monday morning at the WWDC. There have been speculations as well that Apple's Time Capsule will also receive a major update. According to Cult of Mac's unnamed source, here's what we can expect from iCloud and Time Capsule for tomorrow's WWDC.

iCloud Time Capsule
According to Cult of Mac's source, Apple has developed a system that will somehow utilize the Time Capsule hardware with the company's soon to be unveiled, iCloud service. Apparently, Time Machine backups will be accessible through iCloud. This means that Mac OS X and iOS users will be able to access all of their files and data - documents, videos, photos, music and so on at any given time and place through the iCloud.

Contrary to popular belief, the iCloud service won't be powered by Apple's data center but instead it will be based on the Time Capsule hardware. Basically, the Time Capsule becomes more than just a hardware used for backups but users will be able to utilize it as their own personal cloud server. This is most likely the said major update for the Time Capsule. The new Time Capsule hardware is speculated to be able to run through the iOS and comes with A4 or A5 CPUs.

Apple Time Capsule
The source made a detailed explanation of how the Time Capsule will be utilized for the iCloud.

Files that are saved into your Mac machine will be backed up by Time Capsule which makes them available to your iOS and Mac devices remotely. If the user makes any changes to the files on any computer or device, the changes will be reflected into the Time Capsule through the iCloud. The new Time Capsule will be able to update the files even if your machine is off, so when you turn on your computer, all files including all the changes that have previously been made will be synced across all your devices.

Your computer gets backed up to Time Capsule anyways. Now it’ll serve up your content when you want it, where you want it, right there on your iOS device.

From the sound of it, this system that Apple came up with is very similar to a popular web-based file hosting system, DropBox. The only difference is, instead of cloud hosting the files through the company's data center, the files will be cloud hosted through the Time Capsule.

According to the source, this system was pretty much finalized and it will most likely to be revealed at the WWDC tomorrow.

This is what I heard that they have ready to go. This is what’s next in line. Word is, it’s a pretty finished piece.

Apple iCloud
This comes as quite of a surprise because for one to be able to utilize iCloud, one needs to purchase a separate hardware, which in this case the Time Capsule. Bold move for Apple if that's the case but very understandable. Maybe this is just another way for Apple to sell more Time Capsule hardware or maybe Apple knows that the consumer would feel more in control and secure if they're the one managing their own data center?

Take note that it is not yet confirmed if this is the whole extent of the iCloud service or this is merely an optional feature or incentive for buyers of the Time Capsule. If the iCloud service is exclusively tied to the Time Capsule, then it could be very disappointing.

We will know for sure as Apple presents their keynote at tomorrow's WWDC. Be sure to stay tune with us for more iCloud updates.

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