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Over 150,000+ User Accounts Leaked By Hacker Group, Use This Tool Check If Yours Is Safe

If you have been keeping tabs on tech industry related news, then you must have heard about a series of hacking incidents that targeted high profile companies spread across many different sort of industries. These series of hacking attacks are credited to a group of hackers that mainly operates in Twitter, Lulz Security (LulzSec). And it doesn't look like they will stop anytime soon.

For the past five weeks, LulzSec is said to be responsible for hacking Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Nintendo, ABC, video game companies such as Bioware, Epic Games and Bethesda and most recently was hit as well. Even the website of the CIA and the US Senate wasn't spared. As of now, there are about a total of 150,000+ collective usernames and passwords was leaked into the Internet, in addition to names, email addresses and phone numbers.

LulzSec have been relentless with their attacks lately, which are largely composed of fulfilled requests by phone. And due to these relentless and seemingly indiscriminate attacks, and the fact that user credentials are released thereafter, it is only natural for people to be concerned if their sensitive information was somehow compromised.

Fortunately, the guys at posted a tool that allows you to check if your sensitive information was somehow leaked over the span of the attacks. This tool will check all the information that was released by LulzSec by providing your email address.
According to TNW, the tool will check all of the information that was leaked by LulzSec since day 1, not just only the latest:

This widget checks the lists with an email address and is the absolute best way to see if any of your personal information, such as email accounts, passwords home addresses, telephone numbers and more, has been compromised as if your email is there, your other information might be as well. This widget checks all of LulzSec’s publicly released lists, not just the latest one.

We suggest that you guys run all your active email addresses into this too so you will whether you should have a peace of mind or be alarmed and start changing your usernames and passwords.

Click here to access the tool. Good Luck!!!

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    MK10 years, 4 months ago

    What about if this tool is also a hacking tool?? Nobody knows!!!???

    Jimmy10 years, 4 months ago

    Now it is working again ;)

    Jimmy10 years, 4 months ago

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