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No More Pirated Apps in iOS 5? i0n1c and Dissident on Piracy Free iOS Jailbreak

Stephan Esser, aka i0n1c, author of several iOS 4.3 jailbreak solutions have been receiving some flak from the jailbreak community lately. This is because i0n1c have this interesting idea of crippling the piracy of apps in the upcoming iOS 5. And he plans on doing this by limiting the capabilities of the popular Installous repository when it comes to apps installation.

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Let's face it, one of the main reasons, if not the only reason why people jailbreak their device is in order to download cracked IPAs. So you can only imagine why the jailbreak userland would go up in arms towards this idea that was presented by i0n1c. In contrast, the group behind Installous, Hackulous has also provided their insights about this controversial proposal. The head of Hackulous source, Dissident as expected, shares a different opinion with regards to banning of pirated apps.

TorrentFreak has conducted interviews for both i0n1c and Dissident with regards to this issue.

“The entire premise behind jailbreaking is that you’re able to do whatever you want with your device. It’s your device, you own it and you should be able to manipulate the software in any way that you like,” Hackulous admin Dissident told TorrentFreak.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean everything you do with it is legal, but that the manufacturer of the software and the hardware has no place in telling you how you use the device.”

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There are about 11 million iDevice users that are currently using Installous and while a huge percentage of them just outrights pirate every app that they can get their hands on, there are also users that claims that being able to test an application before buying them is a godsend, and in most cases, this is only possible through Installous. The bottom line, not being able to use Installous all of a sudden will not exactly put a smile on their face.

“Dissident told us this week that he believes i0n1c is a really talented guy but the idea that he should introduce new anti-Installous DRM is a significant one since at last count an estimated 11 million iDevice owners are using it. If they are suddenly unable to use Installous resources, they won’t be happy bunnies.”

Dissident said that it would be hypocritical for a jailbreak author put a DRM into any of his works. Because such idea would be completely opposed to the very core principle of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is all about the freedom that you can do anything with the device that you've bought, whether it is considered illegal or not. By jailbreaking, you are already removing the restrictions that was set by Apple themselves.
If this indeed happens, the jailbreak community will most likely be split into two groups according to Dissident:

“But just as Apple’s DRM gets broken despite their huge coding firepower, Dissident says that any efforts by i0n1c would be neutralized in the same fashion. Not only are several high-profile members of the jailbreaking scene said to be opposed to the suggestion of any new DRM, but Dissident warns that a small army of reverse engineers would appear, all dedicated to breaking any restrictions put in place at the jailbreak level.

While this would remove any obstacles put in place by i0n1c, Dissident says this type of situation would be most undesirable.”

Yes, with every DRM introduced, you can trust that someone can and will come up with something in order to reverse the process. In the end, a DRM free jailbreak solution will eventually be released. The only difference is, there are bound to be millions of users that will be outraged and it will needlessly split the community.
TorrentFreak also got i0nic's reaction to this whole issue which they commented to be interesting because Dissident was quite respectful with regards to Esser's work:

Esser began by pointing us towards some of the abuse he’s been getting from some people in the jailbreaking community. These “nasty idiots”, as Esser describes them, certainly overstep the mark; disagreeing with someone’s stance can be achieved perfectly well without a flame war, but some don’t care much for sugar-coating.

Esser went on to tell us that most of the people who have abused him (the “nasty idiots”) are into jailbreaking for one reason only – they want to pirate applications. In order to deal with their abuse it seems that Esser has developed an interesting payback tool – trolling.

It is unclear whether Esser is being serious or not. But TorrentFreak cited that by the end of the interview even Esser acknowledged the frailty of DRMs along with the enjoyment that he's having from it, saying that it “..would only last for a while.”

What Esser is trying to do here is a long shot. If ever this happens, people would simply "jailbreak the jailbreak", and the cycle will never end. DRMs never work and only hurts those that are considered to be legitimate users. If people wants to pirate, they will eventually find a way. We are all for combating piracy but jailbreaking seems to be not the best battleground for it.

We'll just see how this whole issue develops. [via TorrentFreak]

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