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New iOS 5 Feature Uncovered: High Quality YouTube Playback Over 3G

Based on what we have witnessed at Apple's keynote presentation at the WWDC, the iOS 5 is shaping up to be the best iOS to date. With tons of features that both adds new ways for people to utilize their iDevice and as well as improve the overall user experience furthermore. Aside from the features that was highlighted by Apple themselves, the iOS 5 beta testers have been uncovering features that have been hidden into the iOS's internal settings.

YouTube iOS 5
Now, another feature have been uncovered by jailbreak developer Chronic together with Sonny Dickson by digging into the internal settings of the iOS 5. Aside from 3G enabled FaceTime and Nuance Voice Recognition feature, the iOS 5 is also capable of High Quality 3G Youtube playback too.

Pretty much like the FaceTime feature in the past iOS 5 build, Youtube playback has been limited to stream high quality videos only when the user is in a Wi-Fi network. If the user is utilizing 3G, the picture stream quality will be automatically reduced and as well as the size. This is of course to prevent Youtube playbacks from causing havoc to the carrier's network.

iOS 5 YouTube HQ 3G
This is indeed a nice extra for those who loves to stream Youtube clips, but you have to bear in mind that this is still the beta build of the iOS 5. Apple is bound to make some changes to the final build of this iOS version, so it remains to be seen if High Quality 3G Playback over Youtube will be axed by the company or not.

The iOS 5 seems to have a lot of features that requires a good deal of extra traffic. With features like the iCloud, 3G enabled FaceTime, iMessage and now Youtube over 3G, one has to wonder how will the carriers be able to handle the extra load for their network traffic.

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