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New in iOS 5 Beta 2: Update Your Firmware Through WiFi or 3G with Over-the-Air Updates

Earlier this month, Apple previewed the iOS 5 during their keynote presentation at this year's WWDC. The iOS 5 promises to bring about 200+ new features to Apple's mobile operating system. The iOS 5 is indeed shaping up to be the best iOS version yet. And one of the most highly anticipated feature of the next iOS is Over-The-Air Updates. This functionality allows the user to update their device's firmware over WiFi or 3G without having to hook up their device to a computer.

iOS 5
Although it was unveiled in this year's WWDC, there have been no clear confirmation from Apple if the said Over-The-Air Updates will be performed through WiFi or 3G. The screenshots that was used during Apple's keynote was clearly using 3G so many were led to believe that 3G support is on the works.

Just yesterday, we have reported to you that WiFi Syncing is now possible with the release of the iOS 5 beta 2. So what about over-the-air updates? Well, 9to5Mac have been snooping around with the iOS 5 SDK and found out that the beta 2 build now supports over the air iOS updates over a 3G network.
iOS 5 3G Updates
However, there seem to be some drawback to this particular feature. Based on the findings on the iOS 5 SDK, it looks like not all iOS updates can be downloaded through 3G connection. Perhaps small incremental updates like 5.1.1 can be accessed through 3G and WiFi but updates like 5.2 needs to be performed only over WiFi. The point is, smaller updates may be downloaded through 3G or WiFi but larger updates may only be supported over WiFi.

If this restriction is indeed true, then it has likely to do with network carriers. Large over the air firmware updates can really put a strain to the network traffic, especially when performed altogether by thousands of users, and that is something that Apple is trying to avoid. It might even be possible that over the air updates will only be available depending on the network carrier that you are on.

With Over-The-Air updates and WiFi Syncing, it looks like Apple's proposed PC Free setup is all falling into place. The much anticipated iOS 5 will be available to the public this coming fall with features such as the revamped notifications system called the Notifications Center, System Level Twitter Integration, iMessage, Custom Vibrations, Multitasking Gestures, Airplay Mirroring and so on. If you have enrolled an account in Apple's Developer Program, then you can grab the beta 2 build of iOS 5 now, just follow this link for instructions on how to download.

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