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PhoneItiPad: Make Calls and Send SMS Text Messages on Your iPad 3G [Cydia Tweak]

Last month, we reported to you a jailbreak hack that lets you make a call and send SMS text messages through your iPad 3G, effectively turning your device into a fully functional iPhone. Well now, we are pleased to inform you that PhoneItiPad, developed by iPhoneIslam, is now available in Cydia for you to purchase and download.

Here's how you can setup PhoneItiPad to work with your iPad 3G:

  1. First you will have to locate your ICCID. To locate it, you will have to go to System > General > About. ICCID is your device's mobile identifier and it is a requirement in setting up PhoneItiPad.
  2. Now purchase the app here. You will be required to enter you ICCID, so do that when prompted.
  3. Now you will need to add the iPhoneIslam repo. To do this, open Cydia from your iPad 3G and go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add > Enter into the Enter Cydia/APT URL  > Tap Add Source.
  4. Now Search for PhoneitiPad, select it and install.

From here on, this jailbreak tweak should work perfectly which means you can now send SMS text messages and make calls like what you can do in a regular iPhone. To have an idea on what this jailbreak tweak can do, check out this video:


You have to keep in mind that your ICCID is considered to be sensitive information which you can't just hand over to anybody. Fortunately, iPhoneIslam has an impressive track record with their previous jailbreak hack, FaceIt 3GS which enables FaceTime in the iPhone 3GS.

You will also have to remember that this jailbreak tweak does not work with Apple's latest iOS, the iOS 5 and you will have to jailbreak your iPad 1 first with iOS version 4.3.3.

PhoneitiPad is available for $19.99, which is quite a steep price for some people. But if you consider what the tweak can do, I'd say that the price is more than worth it. PhoneitiPad works with all networks and you can use a normal phone sim card.

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    gene7 years, 11 months ago

    The article quotes others from years ago. You can’t get the app from Cydia, as I see it, so do not pay for anything until you get it. There is nothing but this same article on the net and they usually stopped in 2011. Never saw an iPhone1 with the software and no one has built a competing product.  Nice idea, thought.

    Zameer8 years, 6 months ago

    How to install phonitipad i.s.o 5.1.1